Football: Why former OL striker John Carew risks jail


Passed by Olympique Lyonnais, retired from 2012, Norwegian John Carew now risks imprisonment for tax evasion. He reportedly failed to declare part of his income between 2014 and 2019.


At the age of 42, former footballer John Carew faced prison. This Friday, the Norwegian was accused of intentional tax evasion by his country’s Central Economic Offenses Unit. They must have issued to declare part of their income between 2014 and 2019. Judging by the amounts, he risks a prison sentence of up to six years, according to the daily Wordens Gang.

In total, Carew reportedly failed to declare an income of 12.8 million Norwegian kroner in the period, or 1.32 million euros. An inspection that would have allowed him to pay 560,000 euros less in taxes. At the same time, he may also have hidden from the competent authorities the extent of his fortune, which is currently estimated at over 31 million euros.

OL: John Carew against Real Madrid in 2006
OL: John Carew against Real Madrid in 2006 © ICON Sport

A former adviser alleges

For now, Kairav ​​assured in a press release that he had not cheated “intentionally and knowingly”. He also blamed Per Flod, a friend and former adviser, of misguiding him. “My client was given false tax advice, leading him to believe he was a UK resident for tax purposes, claimed his lawyer, Berit Rees-Anderson. It was also clear from the start that he wanted to be caught.”

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Last summer the police listened to Kairav ​​and searched his various houses. His case must now be brought before the Oslo Court. During his career, the former striker spent two years at Olympique Lyonnais between 2005 and 2007, where he won two national titles without leaving an indestructible mark. Following his career, the 2002 Spanish champion made his cinema debut with Valencia, most notably with Angelina Jolie.



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