FIFA: Platini and Blatter face fraud trial in Switzerland in June

Michel Platini and former FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, will be on trial in Switzerland from June 8 to 22 for fraud in a suspected payment case that has placed them on a ban on world football since 2015, the court announced on Tuesday as a federal criminal. .

Two former FIFA leaders, Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter, were also prosecuted for improper management, breach of trust and forgery in the title, having been “illicitly received, 2 million Swiss francs paid for damages to FIFA”. is suspected. 1.8 million euros) “in favor of Michel Platini”, refers to the court located in Bellinzona (southeast).

According to a written contract signed in 1999 and agreed to an annual remuneration of 300,000 Swiss francs, the Triple Ballon d’Or advised Sepp Blatter, between 1998 and 2002, during the Swiss leader’s first term as head of FIFA, “Bill by Mr Platini and fully paid by FIFA”, recalled the Swiss prosecutor’s office in early November.

5 years imprisonment for cheating

Although in 2011, “eight years after the end of his activity as a consultant”, the former Blues captain “claimed 2 million Swiss francs”, which were paid by the Football Authority “with competition” by Sepp. Was. Blatter, and was deemed “unfounded” by the prosecution. Since the start of the investigation, the two men have been insisting that he had orally decided to have an annual salary of one million Swiss francs for this work as a consultant, at the time with the permission of FIFA’s finances. Without. Michele pays to Platini, and claims he has paid the balance late. Under Swiss law simple fraud is punishable by five years in prison “or a monetary penalty”.

AFP. with Matthew Idiart The Indian Paper Journalist

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