Federation president defends pick and counterattack in Spanish Super Cup case


Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales held a press conference on Wednesday to react to leaked talks with Gerard Pique over the reform of the Supercopa de Espaa.


After Gerard Pique, Luis Rubiales (44) tried to extinguish the fire that was spreading a little more every day with the constant disclosure of documents by the newspaper El Confidential. From Monday, the Spanish newspaper is broadcasting an audio conversation between the FC Barcelona defender and the president of the Spanish football federation over plans to overhaul the Spanish Supercup from 2019.

Thus, Pique’s company Kosmos helped to conclude an agreement between the RFEF and Saudi Arabia with four clubs (compared to the first two) to play the competition for three years at 40 million euros.


Kosmos received 10% of the amount in addition to a bonus of €24 million, specifying El Confidential which also outlines the “privileged treatment that the player received throughout the process”. In a press conference held this Wednesday, Rubiales condemned the theft of his personal data, which he described as mafia practices. Like Pique, he denies trading links between the Cosmos and the Federation. “We don’t owe Kosmos anything, he assured. Kosmos is paid by Saudi Arabia. No economic ties. Yet another lie.”

He is afraid of “a bag of cocaine” and even “a bullet in the neck” in his car.

Rubiales condemned the coup against him. “Ever since I took this position (in 2018, editor’s note), I haven’t stopped being attacked. They launched a total defamation campaign.” “Who benefits from this?, he asks again. I’m an ordinary person. I’m different from others, I’ve never had beer, I don’t smoke… I can’t guarantee they won’t tomorrow.” Put a bag of cocaine in my trunk if there are people who agree to steal the message.” He continued to this register when asked about the fear of new leaks. “I don’t think I’ll go into the ditch with a shot in the back of the throat, but they stole the information from my cellphone…” he said.

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He also defended the clean-up of the contract between Saudi Arabia and Kosmos. “If you all agree that the operation is legal, that’s an explanation I’ll save,” he said. Let’s talk about the ethical plan. We talk about conflicts of interest. Everyone has their own morals and We have our own morals. Federation, we are not governed by the morals of any of us. We have three filters. We have passed three. About Gerard Pique. I have fought all my life for a footballer to be a player without Don’t retire without companies, without studies, without ability… let’s hope more and more football players like Pick come out.”

He admits that Pique invited him to participate in the Olympics.

When asked about the high rewards offered to Real Madrid and Barcelona for their participation in the competition, Rubiales answered half-heartedly. “We sell TV rights for cup finals around the world. There are countries that wait to make an offer after knowing the finalists. If there is a derby or clásico, the offer will match the offer we have. Raises too much. Was with two other teams now. It adds to management and will affect variables. Does that mean I earn less? I don’t get it we don’t know who Will play the final Statistically there are 2,3, 4 teams that have won a lot these are malicious questions and these are small sums in salary I am the one who will relax the most.”

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During this lengthy speech, Rubiales also returned to an exchange with Pique in which the player invited him to push so that he could compete in the Olympic Games with Spain. He confirmed it but with the coach’s decision he was informed of the request. “There were others (players) who asked me, he explains. He (Peak) announced a long time ago that he didn’t want to come back and I talked with Luis about Fuente to let him know who I was.” It’s common when you’re a great player and you want to come back. Then Louis made a very different decision. It’s in your work and it happens here and we work with the utmost sincerity. He Not the only footballer who has asked me to do this.


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