FC Nantes: "my future? this is the least of my worries" Kita. In response to Kombouaré says


Under contract with FC Nantes until June 2023, Antoine Comboure has no desire to discuss his future for a few weeks before the end of the season. The Nantes coach says he only thinks about the Coupe de France and the few remaining league games.


In great shape, Antoine Comboure quickly showed that he had no desire to answer about his future. Its president, Waldemar Kita, was a guest of Rothen earlier this week and said he wants to keep the coach “for 20 years”. But the Canary’s strongman claims he has heard “absolutely” nothing.

“It’s like I was saying ‘I want to live for 20 years'”

“I think that’s what he said to every coach who passed out, he said, while the relationship between the two men is not smooth. It’s like I was saying ‘I want to be 20’. What we say is That’s what we do and that’s what’s most important.” Its president said he was satisfied with the coach’s work, while also stating that “it was necessary to finish the season before talks could be made about an extension”.


“We have time to talk about our future, pleads Kanak. This is my state of mind. Today we focus on our matches in league and cup, with big stakes. So we focus on our work. We do.” The one who does not make the impression of playing his season on the Coupe de France specifies: “We are trying to make sure that our unique season is exceptional. It is extraordinary to go to the Stade de France already.”

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“Today my worries are the least”

While they took on Nantes for a maintenance mission, the Canaries are currently ranked tenth in Ligue 1, thanks to a great start to the season. Antoine Comboure also says he is “very happy” at FCN “especially because the group is responding well”. “We’ve had results, an extraordinary engagement with supporters … getting them back in numbers, and making them happy, is a huge satisfaction.”


Relaunched several times, he replies with a cliché: “I find myself difficult to project, we’ll take things one by one while we play and we’ll see what happens after the match.” However, the coach who has a one-year contract left at the club has nothing to do with the famous contracts and his personal case: “I have one year left on my contract, but you know the contracts… There are those who have two or three years left on their contract and then it doesn’t make any sense. The most important thing is to finish the season and then we will discuss our future with the President. But today my worries are the least. less. Today.”

And Kanak knows what he’s talking about, in terms of leaving his position despite the contracts: “There are so many places I haven’t been to the end. In Lens, in Dijon … there are more places Where I was fired from my job and other people where I left off because that was the end of the story. Regardless of contracts, we always find a compromise to move on. But that’s not the case here!”

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