Emiliano Sala’s death: Cardiff demands an insane amount from Nantes as compensation

Cardiff has estimated the cost of his relegation to the Championship at £80 million (€95 million). The Welsh club believes that Nantes has some responsibility for the plane crash that resulted in the death of the Argentine. And this affected his exile.

Emiliano Sala’s case remains a topic of discussion to depress people. Three years after the death of the Argentine striker, Cardiff published the cost of his relegation to the Championship during the 2018–2019 season. In a book entitled “The Truth – The Murder of Emiliano Sala”, Bluebirds estimates the cost of the project to be £80 million (95 million euros) in TV rights, advertising and sponsorship. According to the Sun, Cardiff blamed Nantes for Emiliano Sala’s death because agent Willie McKay acted on his behalf to organize the flight that took the former Nantes native to Wales in January 2019 before the plane crashed. was to bring in. English waterfowl.

Cardiff files complaint with CAS

Former Bluebirds manager Neil Warnock was sure Sala’s few goals would be enough to keep Cardiff in the Premier League. While the dispute between the two clubs has been brought to court, the Welsh club wants to use the Carlos Tevez case to win their case. In 2007, West Ham violated third-party player ownership rules when signing Argentine striker and teammate Javier Mascherano.

If Cardiff wants to receive 95 million euros in compensation, the club must at the same time wait for the Court of Arbitration for Sport to discuss a dispute between the two clubs over the payment of Emiliano Sala’s (17 million euro) transfer . , In a hearing last March, Cardiff denied the validity of the Argentine striker’s transfer contract after an initial failure by the FIFA Players Status Committee. Cardiff did not settle any draft of this disastrous transfer. To date, Lausanne CAS has still not given a date for deliberations regarding its decision.

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