Coupe de France: why Stephanie Fraparte was selected to referee the final


Stephanie Fraparte will be the referee for the Coupe de France final between OGC Nice and FC Nantes on 7 May. There has been a lot of criticism for this decision for the last few hours. Some file experts are trying to spoil the situation.

“He’s one of the best, yes, but is he the best?” The question is asked by an assistant referee of Ligue 1 following the appointment of Stephanie Fraparte to referee in the final of the Coupe de France on 7 May. The election has been strongly criticized by observers for some hours and Nice supporters have even started a petition to replace the match official.


The 38-year-old referee, a face that has become familiar to Ligue 1 fans, has been climbing the ladder for many years. “Stephanie plays Ligue 1 matches every week, we do not understand the controversy. Every year, clubs react to the appointment of referees”, confirms a connoisseur of the file in the federation.

He has all the criteria to referee in the final

In fact, this option is proposed by the DTA to the Federal Commission of Referees, which bases its choice on past rankings and which also looks at the performance of the year. “We look at the performance and the form of the moment. Anyone who makes the semi-finals of the Coupe de France doesn’t make the final, the second condition is to be an international, assures a close friend of ‘3F’. He has met all the criteria and He’s not out of shape.” Other sources familiar with the matter confirm: “It’s an important match, we choose an international referee. It’s not the same referee all the time.”

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To the best of our knowledge, last year Stephanie Frappert was ranked third in the rankings for professional referees in France. “His appointment rewards both his serious work and his performance. It is quite deserved,” said Pascal Garibian, technical director of the arbitration, in a press release from the FFF yesterday, when the appointment was announced. Stephanie Frappart will be the first woman to referee at this level of competition on 7 May. “It’s not because her name is Stephanie, if her name was Jean-Paul it would be the same. That’s it, she made the European Super Cup final and the European Cup final. Women’s world”, tells a person familiar with the matter. Is.

“Jealousy exists” among other referees

Within French arbitration, the referee found it too “bizarre” to award the final of the Coupe de France to Stephanie Frapart. A relative of FFF says that “jealousy exists”.


“I was a little confused when I saw this news, some deserve more, assures an assistant referee of The Indian Paper from Ligue 1. We have been talking with colleagues by text message for a few days now and it is true that we can expect other names than Stephanie.” To this response, people close to the FFF respond that every year there is “one happy and many disappointed”. Another completes: “There are guys out there who are good referees in Ligue 1 and that’s it. When you’re good and a woman finds herself nominated, it’s easy to say she’s nominated because it There is a woman. We know people who are not happy.”

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