Coupe de France: Two Nice supporters join the Stade de France on foot

Ecolo and Cindy are two gym fans and great challengers. Leaving the Allianz Riviera at 7 a.m. this Monday, they begin the 850 kilometer journey to the Stade de France. Arrival is scheduled for the Coupe de France final between Nice and Nantes on 7 May. A challenge made for a good reason.

Walking 20 days, 42 kilometers per day, equivalent to a marathon every 24 hours. “Eklo” and Cindy embark on a sacred challenge this Monday morning. A gym supporter for many years, the first made a return to Paris-Nice by bike with his father in 2006 when OGC Nice lost in the League Cup final against AS Nancy-Lorraine. This time “and because Nice isn’t in the finals every day”, he offers to walk Cindy without trust.

His friend’s quick “yes” startled him, the adventure was underway. A model by profession, Cindy’s first match was on 22 August at the Allianz Riviera, when Nice-Om was arrested for attacking the pitch. She, who is “13 registered”, recalls that Ecolo became a gym pro this season and a few hours before the start, last night, the mere mention of the project brought tears to her eyes. I’m going to live”, the 29-year-old smiles before explaining that “the project involves raising money for children in precarious circumstances by organizing a trip to see them find a good match outside.”

An outlook in favor of OGC Nice Endowment Fund

On social networks, @iclo and @cindynolli, during their crossing of the country, will propose challenges to receive bonuses such as “allowing us hitchhikers for a few kilometers” in the event the forty-something, the tentative informs. They will also appeal to the community of Nice and offer prizes to those who can help them with their challenge “like getting us bags from point A to point B. The objective is to actually raise money to fund the endowment and invite these.” The children will have, we hope, the journey of the European Cup. 25 years since Nice has not won a title, we will mark the occasion and we will take advantage of the excitement that is around this final to mobilize everyone . “

“Going Down With the Cup”

In 2006, Ecolo recalls that the bicycle was received by the club and players after disembarking from the capital, this time “the return will be made by plane or by train, quietly with a cup.” It is impossible for them to communicate the time of arrival at the Stade de France courtyard. “We have to be there before 9 p.m. on May 7 in any case,” posed by Hans Ecolo and Cindy, OGC Nice Jacket Club on their backs. “The hardest part of this course? Maybe supporting Ecolo?” The model laughs. “Kilometers in particular, I hope we go ahead but we are inspired and we will support each other.

Iacolo agrees: “It’s a totally crazy challenge. Will the feet and legs follow, I’m thinking about blisters. I also hope the weather stays with us… It will be played mentally but we Know why we do all this, it is for the kids, it will inspire us.” If OGC Nice wins the cup on 7 May the legs should be less heavy.

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