Coupe de France: Stephanie Fraparte to referee the final, an option that upsets Nice?

When the appointment of Stephanie Fraparte to referee in the final of the Coupe de France was announced, an air of rebellion broke out among Nice supporters. When Christophe Gaultier calmed the situation, the Federation election was discussed in the gym’s locker room.

The mere mention of Stephanie Fraparte’s name as referee of the Coupe de France final made Flavius ​​Daniliuk blush and smile, appearing at a press conference this Friday afternoon, from the match against Troyes Capitals in the race to ‘Europe’ It was two days ago. , “I saw that too, we talked about it in the locker room this morning,” he begins, before glancing at his press officer, as if looking for a lifeline, still a big smile. on the lips “Last matches with him haven’t always been good decisions for us, but I think he’s a good referee, he continues. He should be respected and we should respect that decision.”

Not aware of the petition organized by gym supporters, the young Austrian defender (20) assured them: “OGC Nice is not part of this petition.”

“it’s pathetic”

The Nice community has been revolting against the federation’s decision since Thursday. “Bravo Nantes for this title, we couldn’t do anything”, can we read exclusively on Twitter. Gym supporter Julian explains, “On the network, I saw a message from a supporter asking for a petition, so I started a petition, we have nothing to lose. It’s not even for the club but for the club in general.” Football is for. I don’t understand how you can keep a Ligue 1 referee at this level when it’s pathetic. Last month there was also a story with Auxerre against Toulouse that had terrible sporting facts for Auxerre. It turns out that Ms. Frapart has no place in the Coupe de France final.”

At the break of this meeting, Auxerrois Quentin Bernard also won against Stephanie Frappart, dropping: “When professionals are refereeed by amateurs…”, earning them three suspension matches, two of which were suspended. were given.

Twice match the facts against Nice

In Nice, talking about Stephanie Fraparte essentially refers to the matches in Brest and Strasbourg. In Alsace, the only central female referee in Ligue 1 sent two Eglons back to the locker room: Captain Dante, for two yellow cards, and Justine Kluivert for comments that the Riviera club has always denied. “The referee was awkward to say the least, Morgan Schneiderlin complained. I can speak about it personally as I have already had to deal with this referee and the red I got against Brest was just as much Unfair as much as was delivered on Saturday (match day).”

Julian, the author of the petition that brought together 200 supporters this morning, expressed his regret at the silence of the Nice leaders: “I am well aware that my petition will not be followed by the club because the OGC Nice is going to be as intelligent as possible. We should be slamming our fists on the table just like PSG, OM or OL in order not to light the lights too much.

Gaultier and Fournier play appeasement

In contrast, Christophe Gaultier was keen not to add fuel to the fire: “I agree that Stephanie Frapart is one of the best referees in the championship. We had disagreements during the matches and Strasbourg and Brest but if she was appointed to referee The final is that everyone trusts in her ability to organize a match like this, says Nice coach. I don’t see anyone in Stephanie Fraparte who doesn’t like OGC Nice and I do I’m not a coach who doesn’t like Stephanie Fraparte. She will prepare with her team and her players with assistants like us.”

Director of Football at OGC Nice, Julian Fournier, agrees: “It’s not even on my mind to state that Stephanie Frappart will be up against OGC Nice. I don’t ask myself the question whether we’re going to be punished and good luck Apart from that. If she is appointed it is that we consider her capable. She has already played big matches, it is not really a concern for me.

As far as the petitions are concerned, “we should not launch them”, claims Christophe Gaultier, who refutes the idea that the election was made for political reasons: “We must deliver Mrs Fraparte as calmly as possible. Let it be prepared.”

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