Conference League: UEFA ban, violent overtones … What kind of reception can OM expect at Feyenoord?


Marseille will travel to Rotterdam to face Feyenoord on Thursday in the first leg of the Europa League conference. Dutch leaders have called on their supporters known for their indiscipline to calm down. And sometimes worse.


OM can count on a warm welcome on Thursday evening in Rotterdam, where Folkens will face Feyenoord in the first leg of the Europa League conference (9 pm). With its 50,000 seats, the “De Kuip” stadium (“The Basin”, “The Bowl” or “Bathtub” in Dutch) can provide a luxurious atmosphere…

500,000 euro fine this season

This season, Feyenoord’s supporters have lived up to their sad reputation. The club has already been fined ten UEFA fines totaling around €500,000. A final fine of 70,125 euros was imposed after incidents (ignition of smoke bombs, throwing projectiles and blocking stairs) during a home match against Slavia Prague on 7 April (3–3). Feyenoord is still subject to the suspended sanction of a European away match without spectators.


Far-right signs and frequent violence

In addition to fines for smoking, Feyenoord supporters are also seen for hate spells. Against Ajax, their legendary rival, the slogan “Hamas Hamas joden aan Hate gas” or “Hamas, Hamas, Jews in the gas chambers” has been heard several times in the stands in recent years, reports west france, In 1997, an Ajax fan was killed in a clash between hooligans from the two clubs. Since 2009, travel of supporters has been banned during meetings between Feyenoord and Ajax.

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In France, during the group stage of the Europa League in 2006, Feyenoord supporters tear apart seats in Nancy with spirits, breaking protective windows and marking violent provocations towards their Lorraine counterparts. “The investigation will reveal the presence of a number of stadium restrictions in the Netherlands, in order to exploit this match to take steam abroad”, indicates Team, The club was subsequently expelled from the competition.


In Rome in 2015, 500 Dutch supporters also ransacked an area of ​​the city. This was followed by clashes with the police, as well as several arrests. During the return match, an inflatable banana was sent to the field near Ivorian Gervinho.

Last year, during a match between Feyenoord and Ajax, Steven Burghis, who had been transferred from one club to another during the summer, was targeted. In a photo shared on social media, their names were added to the list of two Ajax supporters killed a few weeks ago. Images of him wearing a Jewish star on his chest and an inscription “Jews are always on the run” were also released.


The club calls for peace

“As of the matches against Olympique de Marseille on 28 April and 5 May, the club sends an urgent request to its supporters to prevent Feyenoord from receiving an even higher fine”, the Rotterdam club reported.

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2,000 OM supporters will be able to visit Feyenoord on Thursday. The initial agreement with the Rotterdam club was for a thousand places, eventually well negotiated by the Marseille leaders.


The last minute visit should be of short duration to avoid any conflict between the two groups. OM supporters will therefore arrive at the site by bus on match day, and will be directed to a fanzone in the city center under the supervision of club stewards and local police.


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