City-Real: Alaba, Stones, Fernandinho, Laporte… Dirty evening for defenders


Marked by an utterly unbridled and an attacking celebration in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, this Tuesday evening between Manchester City and Real Madrid (4-3), defenders had a poor evening. When some could not even make it to the end of the meeting, others were guilty of grievous errors.


Such a crazy meeting is bound to bring offensive elements and delight the audience. A little less than the defenders. This Tuesday evening, as Manchester City and Real dealt a blow in a completely unbridled first leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League (4-3), both teams’ rearguards suffered. Take a look at the four players who had a bad night at the Etihad Stadium.

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Alaba physically too blonde and beaten by Jesus

The Austrian defender has long been uncertain about this meeting. He gave way to Carvajal after returning from the locker room after being hit by a drunk during a meeting against Osasuna on the last day of La Liga. This Wednesday evening, he was finally able to keep his rank… with only 45 minutes left, Ancelotti decided to replace him with Nacho on the break. Present on the lawn for a period, Alaba had time to take power on a 2-0 goal scored by Gabriel Jesus in the 11th minute, when the Brazilian managed to keep him in the air under his control in the box.

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Stones, Guardiola lose stake

Pep Guardiola had tried to make the same bets with Alaba as Ancelotti, but his gamble with John Stones did not prove to be more profitable. Deprived of Canelo and Walker, the Spanish technician was forced to tamper with the right side of his defense and eventually field an absent Englishman with a right thigh injury during the Premier League last meeting in an unusual right. decided to. previous role. If he did not make a significant error, the central defender, apparently very physically fit, left his teammates in the 36th minute, to be replaced by Fernandinho.

Fernandinho suffered the lightning of Vinicius

Guardiola’s soldier, called to the rescue to replace the Stones, suffered an injury to his right side. Vinicius struggled in the 36-year-old central midfielder, not accustomed to playing in the hallway and getting beaten by the Brazilian winger’s technique and pace almost every time. The 3–2 goal scored by the latter is also attributed to him: in a duel with Vinicius at mid-line level, Citizen is thrown into the air on a sublime feint of the body from a Madrid player, who went 50 metres. To deceive Courtois after an impossible race.


Laporte offers punishment to Benzema

The La Rosa defender was strong throughout the meeting, but unfortunately we will remember his lack of a hand in money times. While Manchester City took a two-goal lead thanks to a cannon shot from Bernardo Silva, he was penalized for touching the ball with his hand during an aerial duel with Benzema. At that point, the punishment is undeniable and the mistake of the hand seems really avoidable, as he doesn’t control his gesture. Following? A brilliant panenka from Benzema, proof that the evening really belonged to the attackers.

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