Citi-Real: Return of Modric’s Grace, one of the key elements of Real

After a victorious year in 2018, which earned him the Ballon d’Or, Luka Modric returned to his best level this season, with his most recent matches as a marker in the Champions League, where he became a technical and articulate player. Became a leader ,

The Ballon d’Or elected in 2018, Luka Modric has since disappeared from radar, or even truncated laser passes. This edition of the Champions League is an opportunity for the Croatian to remember that even at the age of 36, you can remain one of the best in your position.

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“Are you 23?”

The characterful Real Madrid columnist, who celebrated his 36th birthday this season, is often overshadowed by the writer of the best season of his career, Karim Benzema, and Thibaut Courtois, always decisive in big games. His matches against PSG and then Chelsea in the Queen of Competitions reminded everyone that Modric, like his two retainers in the Merengue environment, Casemiro and Kroos, age like fine wine.

“The key to success is that we keep Luca consistently between 85 and 100%, which can be seen in the fact that he can withstand not only 90, but 120 minutes of high intensity,” says Lukita. Personal fitness trainer Vlatko Vucetic explains. ‘ for Croatian media Jaternji list. This form allows him to be one of the players with the fewest injuries. I’ve never experienced a major injury” and “it helps him a lot” to remain efficient today. Still in good shape despite the passing years, Vinicius mocked the situation after his comeback against PSG on Instagram by asking him his age: “Are you 23? What a crack!”

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Three assists in the last three Champions League games

However, Luka Modric no longer has legs to play every three days, and has already been rested three times by Carlo Ancelotti, who relied on Eduardo Camavinga and Federico Valverde to compensate for the late age of his environment. have learned to do. But if he misses games against Mallorca, Getafe or Osasuna, the 2018 Golden Ball is still present in the big games. In the return match against PSG, he was behind 1–2 goal action, which provided an excellent assist for Benzema’s call between Paris’ lines.

Luka Modric was again the deciding passer in the first leg of the quarter-final against Chelsea, again on a long ball to Benzema, perfectly adjusted to the head of the French striker, who had made a good call from deep. A week later, the Madrid midfielder repeated the gesture, but at the far post, more than twenty meters from the outside of the foot for Rodrigo. A gesture that allows Real Madrid to start a fresh comeback and avoid elimination after a 3-1 win in the first leg at Stamford Bridge.

“Leaving Wasn’t An Option”

Now 36, Luka Modric is no longer only one of Real Madrid’s technical leaders, but has also become the “grandfather” of the locker room, as Rodrigo calls him so nice, who even wished him a Happy Father’s Day. Breathing this air of rebellion, when Merenguez was mishandled, the Croatian did not hesitate to replace his teammates one by one after a 1–3 goal by Brazil in the second quarter, qualifying within ten minutes. expecting. And after in-extreme qualification against PSG, Modric again became the master of the qualification ceremony on the final whistle against Chelsea, with supporters applauding and singing, and jumping in all directions.

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This clearly earned praise from the public at the Santiago Bernabeu, who see in the Croatian’s determination what local fans call “madridismo”, which can often be summed up in three words: “Hasta el final!” (Go to the end, in French) Luka Modric wrote on his Twitter account shortly after the meeting: “Leaving was not an option.” At 36, the midfielder still finds his old feet and above all aggression, even though he already has 24 trophies in his wardrobe, ahead of next Saturday’s Spanish championship.

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