Citi-Real: Guardiola denies temptation from right side Gabriel Jesus

Contrary to what was announced in the days before the Champions League semi-final between Manchester City and Real Madrid at the Etihad Stadium on The Indian Paper 1 this Tuesday, Mancunian coach Pep Guardiola does not intend to field in any way Was. Gabriel Jesus at right-back.

What if Pep Guardiola launched a new risky tactical experiment in the Champions League semi-final against Real? The Catalan technician is facing major problems in defense and may have to prepare his team for the first leg, which is scheduled for Tuesday evening (9 pm) at the Etihad Stadium without Walker or Stones, which is a day Couldn’t train before.

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Pep Guardiola dropped Gabriel Jesus’ name at the end of last week when he discussed his options for a right-back position in case John Stones is not fit to face Real Madrid. But apparently it was a name that came out of nowhere. One way to underline the great performance of Brazil, the writer scoring four goals against Watford. Guardiola has also denied the rumor that he himself took part in the broadcast, apparently in a joking manner.

Zinchenko puts the rope to the right

“He’s not going to play back yet! He assured a press conference. I said he could. Vinicius against Gabriel, it could be a good duel, but he won’t play there, no, a few minutes more more than.” Nevertheless, the Spanish technician does not have a satisfactory solution to the situation as Joo Cancillo has been suspended. Although he is quick and aggressive, capable of defending well as a winger, Gabriel Jesus seems a bit light to compare against the Vinicius-Benzema pair.

While Manchester City will certainly have the ball most of the time, Guardiola’s side need an experienced defender to handle some of Madrid’s highlights, capable of inflicting even the tiniest amount of injury. Left-handed Zinchenko, used in the opposite lane, holds the rope for this match.

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