Chelsea: Arsenal fans, Hamilton confirm interest in Blues takeover


Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has joined Serena Williams in a takeover of Chelsea. Britain joined Sir Martin Broughton’s project for the acquisition of the London club, and explained itself.

Formula One invites itself to football. This Thursday, Sky Sport revealed that there were two major investors in the Chelsea acquisition project led by Sir Martin Broughton: Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton. The latter confirmed the rumor to the BBC: “Chelsea are one of the biggest teams in the world,” said the Mercedes driver on Friday.


“When I heard about this opportunity I was like ‘Wow, this is a great opportunity to be part of something awesome,'” he continued. Broughton’s project has been described as “exciting” and “in line with the values” of Lewis Hamilton, who had the opportunity to speak by telephone with a British businessman. If Chelsea is estimated to be worth around €3 billion, Hamilton and Williams are expected to invest €14 million in the project.

an arsenal fan

But the important thing is somewhere on the verge of realizing a “dream” for Lewis Hamilton: “I have been a football fan since childhood. I played in the school team every year as a child and I took part in many matches”, description King Lewis. “I wanted to be the best player I could be and play for a team. I tried out for Stevenage Burroughs but ended up in motorsport. I can only dream of being part of a team.”

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If Broughton’s project reaches its goal, the one who is a fan of Arsenal because his “sister hit him saying he has to support the Gunners”, would have no sporting privileges, but only the European champion club. Investor’s role in


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