Champions League: Emery, Denzuma, Defence… Villarreal’s strength against Liverpool


The surprise guest of the Champions League semi-finals, Villarreal intends to add Liverpool to their list after Juventus and Bayern. The Spanish club, led by Unai Emery in midfield and French duo Coquelin-Capo, have reason to believe in the feat.


Unai Emery, Guide

After his dismissal from Arsenal, Unai Emery spent a few months on the sidelines. Then he arrived at Villarreal in the summer of 2020 and has been living a fairy tale ever since. Winner of the Europa League last year, he led the club to their second Champions League semi-final this season, 16 years after the first in 2006. “I already had a lot of respect for Emery and Villarreal, but currently … wow. That’s impressive”, admitted Jurgen Klopp at a news conference this week.

put something in place and do it, this has happened to me before with other coaches, Etienne Capoue explained to The Indian Paper, But with him, it’s all the time. They always have a new strategy, a new vision. He is ahead of everything. I wonder how he does it. To me, he’s a genius.” Francis Coquelin says nothing more: “Today, he shows everyone that the big clubs probably should have waited a little longer and trusted him sometimes.”


chameleon team

The Yellow Submarine knows how to change faces: offensive and player when it is necessary to differentiate, in return and solid defensively when it is a question of preserving a result. “Villarreal is a team that adapts”, confirms Francis Coquelin, The Frenchman admitted that initially the philosophy of the coach and the players was based on playing and possession with the ball. But nothing is certain.

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The double clash against Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals was the perfect example. In the first leg, Villarreal knew how to project himself, create chances and win 1-0. Unai Emery players could score even higher without stealing it. Then upon return, the team knew how to take refuge, defend holistically, and work counter to, Chukwueze to score qualifying goal, A little Klopp, a little Simeon, here’s Villarreal.

No Complex Against Liverpool

After defeating Juventus in the round of 16 and Bayern in the quarter-finals, Villarreal are in seventh place. “We have the level of Liverpool to face teams of the same level, assured Spanish midfielder Dani Parejo this week. We have full confidence in the world, not only thanks to this season, but also after winning the Europa League last season. Losing a single game.”


In the ranks of the club in the Valencia region, we also keep quarter-final statements and behavior in the back of our heads. “Bayern, I think they took us up a bit and it’s us who are in the semi-finals”, tackles Francis Coquelin. The French believe that the smaller thumb position can help Villarreal. “But I think the element of surprise will slowly fade now.”

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Denjuma, Decisive Striker

Gerard Moreno, who is frequently injured this season, hasn’t regained his prowess from last year. It remains very uncertain for the first leg against Liverpool on Wednesday evening. But there is another man attacking Villarreal. Arnaut Danjuma, who last summer was the most expensive man in the club’s history, has several goals, especially in the Champions League.


The scorer in two victories against Juventus and Bayern, he was also in the group stage against Atalanta, back and forth, and against Young Boys Byrne. Able to play a side or a front, Denjuma, a Nigerian-born but Dutch international, will be the one to watch in the Reds’ defence.

Torres-Albiol, an impassable hinge

Virgil Van Dijk, in terms of the position, didn’t go there four ways, at a press conference, asking players who impressed him on behalf of Villarreal. “Their centers are incredible, explained the Dutchman. Raul Albiol and Pau Torres are very experienced and brilliant.”


Between the 25-year-old young Torres searching for the Champions League this season and Ral Albiol of 36 springs and 11 C1 campaigns on the clock, the balance is perfect. In the league, Villarreal, although far from first place, displays one of the best defenses, behind Sevilla and Real. And on the European stage, the Yellow Submarine has scored just two goals in four matches against Juventus and Bayern Munich. Solid.

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