Bundesliga: Bayern reassured themselves before "classicer" against Dortmund


Bayern Munich took a nine-point lead over Dortmund (72 to 63) on Sunday to beat poorly ranked Armenia Bielefeld, without forcing too much (3-0). The Bavarians could win their tenth straight Bundesliga title against Borussia next week on the word “classicar”.

After Villarreal were eliminated in the Champions League quarter-finals on Tuesday, Julian Nagelsmann’s men – who received death threats this week – need to be reassured, their quest for a coronation has once again become an absolute priority.


Deprived of Lucas Hernandez and Kingsley Koman, suffering from muscle problems, Niklas Sule (ill) and Corentin Tolisso (muscle tear), Bayern Munich were dominant in the first period (78% possession) in the wake of the opening score, which gave him confidence .

This first goal (10th) was first briefly attributed to Lewandowski, then was canceled for offside by Davis, before he entered the cage of Ortega, a player from Bielefeld, Jacob Barrett. Lawson, the last player to touch the ball, was held responsible.


C1. forget the

On a stretcher out from Kunze, hit with an elbow from Kousei, to double the lead to Bayern, on a goal from Gnabry (40th + 7th), first offside, followed by a superb, It took seven minutes stoppage time. Ladle from Kimmich.

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At 2–0 at the time of the break, Jan was called against the end of the Bundesliga, but Bayern continued to play, to free up Villarreal’s memory, and therefore to obtain opportunities, often in full form by Ortega. The author of a total of half a dozen decisive stops.


But Ortega could do nothing about Bayern’s third goal, a header at Musiella’s near post (85th), served with a line from Lewandowski, who needed to lift his head just to adjust his centre. Was.

Finish the job during the “classicar”

As Borussia Dortmund overtook Wolfsburg on Saturday (6-1), Haaland scored again after a three-month deficit, so the scene is in place for an exciting “classic” next Saturday.


In the event of a win over Borussia, “Recordmeister” would have a twelve-point lead with three games to go by the end of the season. It will therefore be the assurance of a 32nd title overall, and a new proud page for Bayern’s legend. Small final in sight to forget a failed C1.


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