Bordeaux-Saint Etienne: "ASSE will continue"Positive

After snagging a draw in Bordeaux on Wednesday (2-2), Pascal Dupraz was once again very optimistic of the Greens’ maintenance in Ligue 1. After 33 days, St Etienne are still barrage, four points ahead of the Girondins. ,

The “fear match” between Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne ended in a draw on Wednesday evening (2-2). Leading 2–0 after 25 minutes of play, the Greens returned to the game to score a valuable point while running for maintenance.

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“I have more than hope, I have certainty”

“This club deserves to be in L1. (my players) give me strength, joy, I admire them. Sometimes they annoy me with their defensive hesitations, but they are healthy. I have more than I hope for Yes, I have certainties, these are mine, but ASSE will maintain itself”, Pascal Dupraz announced at a press conference.

“This team is healthy and alive, but it needs to solve its defensive problems, stop taking stupid cards and find the right formula,” Stefanois Koch said.

>> Ligue 1 – Relive Bordeaux-Saint Etienne (2-2)

“This match, we could have lost it”

The meeting ended in a tense atmosphere. Pascal Dupraz was particularly agitated on his bench and Jimmy Bryand’s goal turned spirits a little more sour before the video referee revealed offside, sparking enthusiasm from the Bordeaux people. “This match, we could have lost it. The people of Bordeaux didn’t need VAR to win,” he admitted.

Despite everything, St Etienne remain a barrage, four points ahead of 19th Bordeaux, and one point behind the first non-relegation player, Clermont. “We also have a favorable goal difference that can count. I don’t look at the classification, but with 31 points, we are not staying in L1. Five games left, we have to recover well”, Dupraz continued. On Saturday, the Greens will host Monaco (7 pm). They would then continue through Rennes, Nice, Reims, then Nantes during the last day.

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