Bordeaux: Girondins goalkeeper, Gaten Poussin test

In difficulty against Lyon (6–1), against Saint-tienne (2–2), the Girondins’ goalkeeper, Gaiton Poussin, is the target of criticism from Bordeaux supporters. A difficult situation to live for a player who coached at the club, which he inherited despite conflicts between his management, Bordeaux Ultras and international Benot Costil.

He is the epitome of the disorganized club. Since the Girondins de Bordeaux’s disappointing draw against Saint-Etienne (2-2) this Wednesday, Gaiton Poussin has been the target of a flurry of criticism and ridicule. Whether on social networks or in the media, the 23-year-old’s goalkeeper’s performance gets a lot of attention. Not at the level of supervisors of the Bordeaux club. Yet three weeks ago, the former French international, under the age of 21, was the chief architect of the first clean sheet of the Bordeaux season at Lille.

Since then, two big balls against Lyon (6-1) and a non-stop performance against Saint-Etienne (2-2) have done more than tarnish his record. “Against Lyon, he made two mistakes, we can’t say anything and he admits them, even if it’s not easy at his age, admits his crew. It’s not because he did against Lyon Two dumplings were made that “he would have to put everything behind him. We must not forget all that he was able to do well in a difficult context.”

Pushin’s Crew: “It Leaves a Mark”

There is heavy pressure on Poussin’s shoulders and is intensifying. “It leaves scars but Gaten is mentally strong, keep up his relatives. He tried to face criticism but he’s more concerned about the collective situation than himself.” The speech made by Poussin after the draw against Saint-इटtienne to keep Bordeaux in Ligue 1 remains the same. At the post-match press conference, his coach David Gione reaffirmed that the choice to align Poussin as No. decision. “There’s practically competition in the eleven positions, as well as medium as attacker, defender and goalkeeper, he explained. These are game choices on my part, and I totally agree. It’s my choice.” “

Paradoxically, the young goalkeeper pays for the treatment reserved for Benot Kostill for four games. If in January, Poussin had played his part well when Kostill was replaced with an injury, the situation has changed in recent weeks. The French international must no longer wear the Girondins jersey until the end of the season. And even if employees insist that it is a sporting choice, multiple sources report a decision by management, which would have confirmed to Ultramarine after the events at the Montpellier reception that: ” Costille will no longer wear the jersey.”

Kostil resigns to end session on bench

A decision that is not unanimous among Bordeaux supporters. Even among the Ultramarine, who still haven’t uncovered evidence of racist acts by Kostil and Kosilny, the case of the former Renanis is debated. “Gotten is to blame for Ben Costil’s situation, analyzes a source close to the club. He has nothing to do with it. He has always been on top of his role as No. 2. It’s his Don’t fault if it’s over with costille. He plays and he tries to be the best he can in every game.” The understanding between Benot Costil and Gaiton Poussin has always been great and, despite his age, the Le Mans goalkeeper is also someone who counts in the locker room. “He is one of the leaders, we breathe. He is there for a long time. He is a lover of the Girondins, he will be most affected if Bordeaux goes down.”

Posin must be kept in Nantes

This Sunday in Nantes, Gaëtan Poussin must once again start in the Bordeaux goal until the situation changes and public opinion is reversed. If the Girondins are relegated to a lower floor, the goalkeeper could be involved in a future Ligue 2 project while he still has one year left on his contract. For his part, Benoit Kostill continues to train with the same professionalism as usual. The former Cannes no longer communicates with David Gione or his sporting director Edmar Lopes with signs of a major fracture. However, he remains at the disposal of the club. After five seasons with the Girondins and 179 games, the former Marine et Blanc captain resigned to end the season on the bench. with regret.

in Bordeaux by Nicolas Paolorsi

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