Betis: After 14 years, Joaquin goes naked again with the Spanish Cup

Betis Sevilla legend, with whom he won the King’s Cup on Saturday, Joaquin posed for a snapshot next to the trophy in the simplest instrument, and completely identical to the one unveiled fourteen years ago. Almost 41 years old, but still a child.

A celebratory shot like you’ve never seen before… Well, maybe fourteen years ago. Don’t you remember? At the end of the 2007–2008 season, Joaquin won the King’s Cup with Valencia FC. and had displayed himself with the trophy in the Valencian locker room… completely naked, in the greatest of peace.

A photo – with a balloon emoji so as not to reveal its features to the general public – then made the rounds of the Internet. Well, fourteen years later, the same Joaquin, 41, in July hasn’t lost any of his face.

not cut during assembly

After snatching the national trophy again on Saturday with Betis Sevilla against Valencia (1-1, 5-4 tab), where he is a true living legend and the most capped player in the club’s history (447 matches), Nabil Fekir Let’s teammates reproduced the shot identically.

Still wearing the same sharp, yet fine emoji, sorry ladies and gentlemen, Joaquin posed with the King’s Cup 2021-2022 in the simplest device ever. Note that this was the third National Cup that the Spanish international (52 caps, 4 goals) won in his career. But in 2005, the year of his first coronation with Betis, there was no trace of the mythical cliché…

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