Belgium: Investigation closed after racist insults against Kompany during Bruges-Anderlecht

Belgian justice on Tuesday decided to end a process initiated in December following racist insults against Vincent Kompany. Anderlecht Koch had condemned discriminatory comments by Bruges supporters, but did not win the case.

A Belgian justice on Tuesday dismissed an investigation into racist remarks against Anderlecht coach Vincent Kompany during a match at the Belgian Championships Bruges-Anderlecht on 19 December.

The file is closed because “it is impossible to know who commented what”, indicated the wooden floor in a press release relayed by AFP. During the match, Anderlecht’s players and staff were the target of racist comments from supporters of FC Bruges.

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Congolese Belgian Vincent Kompany shared his “disgust” after these incidents, and prosecutors launched an investigation. But “the evidence is insufficient. Therefore the criminal case is closed without further action,” the prosecution indicated.

According to the Belga agency, at the end of February, King Philippe of Belgium, challenged by facts, had gotten Vincent Kompany to discuss racism in football. This case caused a stir in Belgium.

Apart from the iconic former Manchester City and Red Devils defender, his friend and former teammate Romelu Lukaku expressed his hatred for racist supporters in a lively message posted on the social network. The Chelsea striker, himself a victim of humiliation in Italy, had demanded stricter sanctions.

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“I hope you will take concrete action,” urged ‘Big Rome’ Do it.” The Belgian justice apparently did not hear Romelu Lukaku’s appeal.

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