Bayern-Villarreal: Overconfident, Nagelsmann under fire after elimination

From the arrogance shown before the meeting to the bold but risky tactical choices, Julian Nagelsmann took a lot of responsibility for Bayern Munich’s elimination in the quarter-finals of the Champions League when they lost to Villarreal in a (1-1) draw.

Nearly four years after leaving Paris SG, Unai Emery can finally allow herself to dream big. Arriving in Paris in 2016 to win the Champions League, the Spanish technician is haunted by the ghost of a comeback, which will undoubtedly haunt him forever. Except that today, after a superb qualifying match against Bayern Munich (1-0, 1-1), Emery proved the competition wasn’t too big for him.

At the end of his team’s new tactical masterpiece, Unai Emery gives his German counterpart, Julian Nagelsmann, a real lesson in humility. “It’s a victory for Emery and a major defeat for a football kid named Nagelsmann,” said Polo Breitner in After Foot. Our German football experts were very critical of the former Hoffenheim coach, whose management of the match they did not understand.

Confidence shown after the first phase

The Bavarians, too happy not to score three or four goals in the first leg, promised the Spaniards hell, given Villarreal’s superiority and the number of missed opportunities. “We made a lot of mistakes in the first leg. They made one: let us live. And we have to punish them for that,” coach Julian Nagelsmann said on Monday, without measuring the scope of his remarks. A little too arrogant, young German coach?

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In any case, he matched his actions with his words, dropping his four-man defense for an audacious 3-2-3-2, giving the Bavarian maximum players in front of the ball and multiple chances of crossing. needed. For the side attackers, Leroy Sane and Kingsley Coman. The plan didn’t go as planned, as Rulli was not under too much tension in the first half.

“A monumental strategic error”

Bayern certainly dominated the debate, but Villarreal was able to resist vehemently, staying compact in front of the waves. Emery’s players showed impressive team cohesion not to dive under pressure from Bayern after Lewandowski’s opener (52nd), while remaining clear to strike when given the opportunity. “We pushed, pushed, pushed”, insisted Thomas Müller after the meeting, unable to hide his despair, vast, urgent.

Perhaps the Bavarians did not have the means to attack continuously, without risking exhaustion, and therefore risking exposing themselves. “The scenario, I thought it was coming as big as a home, testifies to Breitner. Bayern wanted to end the game by continuing to attack before extra time. But you also have the right to be tired of pressing like this.” Midfielder, Goretzka-Kimich, it becomes more difficult to recover the ball in the last ten minutes. And they keep pushing to get 2-0. I think it’s a big strategic mistake.”

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Julian Nagelsmann did not feel the tide turning, not wanting to wait until the end of regulation time to make the changes imposed on him, where Emery made the necessary adjustments with the entry of Chuquez, who scored on Villarreal, the Bavarian. Overconfidence punished. Only shot on target. “In the first leg, we made the mistake of not finishing them, and all the comments around that inspired us. Tonight, they made the mistake of not hitting us, and we took advantage of what this team did. Very good”, tasted Gerard Moreno at the end of the match.

His teammate involved in the Bavarian opener, as vindictive as midfielder Dani Parejo, had a message for Julian Nagelsmann: “When the draw happened and Villarreal came out, the Bayern coach, I don’t know, disrespected us And football. When you spit, you get beaten up.”

In Germany, doubts are beginning to appear about the German technician, who although still seems to be benefiting from the extinction situation with the observation that this team is undoubtedly in need of renewal. This is the kicker hypothesis, which holds that it is still necessary to leave a little time for the technician to be able to make a final decision. But perhaps more than anywhere else at Bayern – Pep Guardiola paid the price – patience has its limits.

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