Bayern-Villarreal: Moreno’s reaction to Nagelsmann’s cocky exit after Spanish qualifier


To everyone’s surprise, and against the race of the game, Villarreal knocked Bayern out of the Champions League on Tuesday for a draw in Munich in the second leg (1-1) of the quarter-finals. After the Spanish achievement, Gerard Moreno did not fail to respond to Julian Nagelsmann, who said that he wanted to “punish” his opponent.

He recorded the short phrase well, and used it. While Villarreal kicked Bayern out of the Champions League on Tuesday evening by demanding a draw in Munich in the second leg of the quarter-finals (1-1 after a 1-0 win in the first leg), Spanish striker Gerard Moreno needed to answer. Early after the game was German coach Julian Nagelsmann.


On the eve of the second round, the technician showed a certain arrogance at a press conference. “We made a lot of mistakes along the way, had launched Nagelsmann. He made one: Let us live. And we should punish him for that.”

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“All the comments around him serve as inspiration”

Moreno’s response with a big smile: “In the first phase, we made the mistake of not finishing him, and all the comments around him acted as inspiration, he admitted. Tonight, he made the mistake of not killing us. And we took advantage of that. What this team has done is great.”

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Ral Albiol, for his part, admired the fighting spirit of his people. “At 36 years old to live in such a beautiful stadium, against such an opponent, my first man of the match title at this level… I am so happy, launched the Spanish defender. We are a team that works. That’s what gets hurt, we don’t have as much money as others but we have to fight with other weapons. We suffered, we knew it, but we got paid back, we got Bayern out. And now , we can dream of going even further.”


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On the other hand, on Thomas Muller’s side, it was Grimace Soup. “Despite what we’ve demonstrated, it hurts too much to concede a goal, a Bayern player slipped. We pushed, pushed, pushed. At no point were we in danger from an opposing goal. This game against playing to end in a 1-1 draw.”


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