Barca: Pique sees no conflict of interest in playing the competition he organizes

FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique says he sees no conflict of interest in doing business with the Spanish federation through his company Cosmos, which has received a significant bonus for organizing the new Super Cup. Spain in which he participated.

El Confidential continued this Tuesday the disclosure below of the contract concluded in 2019 for the overhaul of the Spanish Supercup. Gerard Pique, through his company Kosmos, thus helped the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) conclude a three-year deal against 40 million euros, receiving 10% of the value, in return for holding the competition. for Arabia with Saudi Arabia. According to the newspaper, the federation will also insist on the payment of a bonus of 24 million additional euros in favor of the Spanish defender’s company.

In a press conference held on his Twitch account at midnight on Tuesday, the defender explains that he sees no conflict of interest, while he is attached to the Federation by his status as an international player (he has not played since 2018 ) and that of the club. “Of course it’s surprising, he agrees. It’s not normal for a player to be involved in this type of business, but that’s because players don’t usually dedicate themselves to these things. I love it.” And I’m having a good time.”

“In life I will never ask for help” in RFEF

“I’m going to call Ruby (Louis Rubiales, RFEF president, editor’s note) because I have a relationship with him, he was my president when I played for the national team, he admits. Of my busquets. Have a good relationship with, Alba or Nacho. I know how to separate a business deal from playing football. Never in life will I ask for help and they will never give it to me. A trade deal won’t affect that. Stirring to shake off the mess.”

Re-launched several times by his interlocutors in the faltering position in which he finds himself, Pique maintains that he derives no benefit from it on the ground, particularly through arbitration decisions that favor him. can play. “What’s the conflict of interest?, he asks. The tickets come from audio taken out of context, the RFEF decides and I just help find a formula that makes sense to them. It’s a 100% RFEF decision.” . I am just trying to help. What can be more conflict than this? It has nothing to do with business problem, sector problem. I bring an opportunity to RFEF. They from 120,000 euro 40 million (the amount paid by Saudi Arabia goes to RFEF and Cosmos) Will the referees better arbitrate us?”

“We’re in a culture where we always think there’s an eel under the rock,” he continues. 100,000 or 1,000 people do it doesn’t mean everyone does. Do you think that kind of compromises? RFEF president going to say something for a referee Must fight to generate. If you get it, you deserve it. It happens in any business. Whatever is going well, I am not going to give up. I have never given up on what people say Haven’t stopped doing anything. I know what I did.”

He also ensures that he does not have any contractual relationship with RFEF in this matter. “Officially, we take commission from Sela, a Saudi government company, he says. We do not charge RFEF in any way. I have no business relationship with RFEF.”

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