Barca: Catalan supporters on strike after humiliation in stand against Frankfurt


La Grada d’Animación, the group of supporters in charge of animating the Camp Nou, announced in a press release that they would not go into La Liga’s match against Cádiz on Monday, following the humiliation experienced by fans against Eintracht Frankfurt. Is. Europa League.

FC Barcelona supporters, angry with the ticket office’s management during the Europa League return match on Thursday, will strike during Barca’s next match against Cadiz on Monday, against Thursday (3-2 defeat). La Grada de Animación, a group of supporters based in Gol Nord responsible for the animation of Camp Nou, has announced that it will not attend the match in protest.


“The Greatest Infamy That Has Been To Us”

Hence a major part of North Mor will remain vacant for meeting against independents. “Last Thursday, we experienced a day that will forever be marked by the greatest infamy, turning us into guests at someone else’s party,” the band said in a statement. La Grada de Animación, describes what happened as a “social humiliation”. 30,000 Eintracht fans entered the Catalan stadium, some even preventing Barca supporters from leaving the stands as the visiting team took a 3–0 lead.

In the statement, the Grada d’Animación, who on Thursday gave up his place in Goal Nord at the end of the first half and during the first ten minutes of the second half, also expressed regret and wondered “how an attack, announced safety. The department and Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police, editor’s note) went completely unnoticed, and we wonder whether this was a surprise or was encouraged by inaction to sell tickets worth 3 million euros .

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“You feel robbed at home”, laments Zavik.

Supporters questioned the management and its ticketing policy, while being satisfied, despite the threat from Blaugrana supporters, “Frankfurt fans were not the most confrontational in Europe, because who knows where we will be with the other supporters now.” “. The press release also condemned “an ineffective price policy for Catalan supporters”, calling these events “over all limits and unnecessarily endangering Barca’s social mass”.

Xavi is also convinced that what happened will not happen again: “When I left the hotel, I noticed something was wrong. They threw everything at us. You feel stolen from the house. It didn’t feel like we were at home.” Playing. It started badly. Then penalties. It was a fatal night in every way. It started badly and ended badly. The club will explain. Players said they didn’t feel like they We are at home. We weren’t comfortable. That’s a fact.”


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