Atletico: Simeone’s pressure on Pique in Spanish Super Cup case


Atletico de Madrid coach Diego Simeone has called for accountability from Barca defender Gerard Pique, following the leak of documents on the overhaul of the Spanish Super Cup and in which the president of the federation mocks Colconeros.

The leak of audio between Gerard Pique and Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales has stirred Spanish football. El Confidential has published discussions between the pair dating back to 2019 over the Spanish Supercopa overhaul led by the Federation and Pique’s company Kosmos. The two men have thus entered a three-year deal with Saudi Arabia by integrating four teams (instead of two) into the competition. Pick embraced these negotiations by not ensuring that he saw no conflict of interest. He also acknowledged that penalties exist if Real Madrid or FC Barcelona do not qualify for the competition.


This Barca-Real clause reacts to other cadres, such as Atlético, even though Diego Simeone, the Madrid coach, demands more on a mix of styles than Pique. “I’m not going into these situations because Pique is too smart and so is his company (Cosmos), he underlines. These are managements that don’t go together. I believe he’s clear that – As long as he doesn’t explain himself better – it’s practical that Barcelona and Madrid participate in the competition, it’s not too difficult to understand.”

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“They have to explain themselves better so that we can keep calm”

As part of these private conversations that surfaced in the press, a derogatory remark from the president of the Spanish Federation on Atlético de Madrid also surprised Colconeros fans. “Tomas (González Cuato, member of the legal department of the RFEF and supporter of Atlético, editor’s note) says that Atlético de Madrid will win La Liga, launch Rubials to Pique. He is here next to me … poor. “


Pick brought up a counter joke and regretted the breach of his private exchanges. But the exchange has stirred up. “We are very proud to compete in this way, we identify ourselves in teams like Betis, Real Sociedad, Betis, Simeone launched. I think we are in the same bag. Information only on Supercup de Arabia (sic) ) – what is coming up – if Real Madrid and Barcelona go there then the federation is the more favourite. But they have to explain themselves better so that we can stay calm.”


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