Atletico-Manchester City: Simeone’s reaction to Guardiola criticism

On the eve of the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Atlético de Madrid and Manchester City (1–0 in the first leg for the English club), Diego Simeone clarified that he did not appreciate the criticism of his counterparts regarding the style. He provides his team for defensive play.

He announced it at a press conference: Diego Simeone will play “as usual” for Atlético de Madrid to return for the Champions League quarter-final against Manchester City (9PM on RMC Sport) on Wednesday evening. The Argentine coach will undoubtedly expose himself to criticism regardless of the result, but perhaps also to the irony of Pep Guardiola. The latter, after the Skyblues’ 1–0 success in the first leg, declared that “attacking 5–5–0 was too difficult”. However, there is no question of arguing with its counterpart for “cholo”.

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“Ever since I started coaching, in 2005-2006, and to this day, I have never underrated a colleague. Never. I always put myself in their place and I understand how to express myself on the pitch. There are different ways of what to answer. Need a match. When you despise a coworker, I don’t approve. (…) There’s no point in talking, everyone has their own Opinions may be there. But among colleagues, everyone has their own way, I have one, and I will always do it, always, always.

“I hope we will be able to find a better rapport between us”

Following this clarification, as if to say that he expected equal respect for her, Simeon addressed the tactical key of the match. He said, “We’re not going to deviate much from what we usually do. I hope we’ll be able to balance ourselves better, convert faster, counter-attacks and our players will have a great night. Games in one, a few Might as well be”.

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“We have hope”, later Simeone said, referring to the merits of Manchester City’s game: “regardless of the result, what we managed to generate in the first leg gives us hope”. , we have to try to get the sport where we’ll be able to hurt them. But they will play the same way. It doesn’t matter who they’re playing against, they’re highly respected, much admired, they have great footballers, a great coach… what I see every time I turn on the TV to watch City play , doesn’t expect anything other than that.

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