Atletico-Manchester City: Guardiola denies criticizing Simeone’s style

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has assured his comments after the first leg were not a criticism of Atlético de Madrid’s style of play, which the Citizens ended with difficulty in the Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday.

If the Atletico-Manchester City match at times resembled boxing, it boiled down to a game of ping-pong between the two coaches. Atlético de Madrid technician Diego Simeone admitted to feeling reproached by comments from his opposite counterpart, Pep Guardiola, after the first leg, when the Spaniards developed a very defensive system in the latter 5-5-0. At the end of his return to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Guardiola nevertheless assured that he did not make fun of Argentina’s tactics.

Guardiola praises Atletico’s performance

“Make no mistake, he said. I didn’t criticize Atletico. I said it’s always difficult to attack against a team that defends very well.”

He continued by assuring that he was not surprised to suffer so much in the return match. “I didn’t expect anything more from Atletico, I’ve already said in a press conference, it was a completely different match,” he admits.

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“They pushed us to our limits, he said. They were excellent in the second half. We forgot to play and it almost cost us. Our first half was great, we knew we were going to start aggressively. Ours The pass had one or two clear chances. Then at the end of the game, we defended with what we had. But what if they managed to score in the last action.” Our mental strength would have vanished. But we couldn’t expect it in Champions. Against the league, the defending Spanish champions, everything was going to be wonderful. We forgot to play, but the opponent was very good.”

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