Assistant referee beheaded by coach in Brazil

During a meeting of the Espirito Santo Championship in Brazil, Desportiva’s coach attacked an assistant referee during a meeting. Excommunicated, he was fired by his club.

Violence against referees is on the rise. In Brazil, a meeting of Espírito Santo’s regional championship was marked by the aggression of Marseille Neto, who served as an assistant referee during the Nova Venecia-Desportiva (3–1). Unhappy with the referee’s decision, Desportiva coach Rafael Soriano turns to the chief referee to speak with him. But when the assistant referee wants to overtake him, the coach pats him in the nose. According to the referee’s report, he also insulted the refereeing corps.

“Exactly when I step back to collect the red card, the coach walks towards him and pats his head on the nose. I report that the coach was pushed by his players and even came back in my direction saying that she had not attacked the assistant and said that she was imitating aggression. The latter was taken off the field by her players and members of her staff”, the party’s As referee Arthur Rabello explains, in remarks relayed by the Brazilian press.

fired by his team

In an interview with TV Educativa, Koch continued to deny the facts. “If you say I attacked you, we’ll go to the police station. We’re going to do a corpus delicti (a trial, editor’s note). Otherwise, I’ll sue you. I went to the police station,” she says. Beaten up. Lies” She uses herself because she’s a woman. She tries to take advantage of a situation because she is a woman. She pushed the players and now she wants to say that she was assaulted.”

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Following this bloodshed, Rafael Soriano was fired by his club and suspended from all activities within the Espirito Santo area for 30 days by the sports court. If found guilty, he faces a suspension of up to 180 days. In Brazil, the matter caused a stir and several first-class clubs came to the rescue of the assistant referee. The Flamengo club “condemns the aggression committed by assistant Marseille Netto, which occurred this Sunday during a match in the Capixba Championship”. For his part, Santos underlined that “aggression against a member of the arbitration, for whatever reason, is already somewhat unacceptable. When the victim is a woman, it is a crime that must be fought on a daily basis.” “

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