Algeria: The Gambian Federation files a complaint against Belmadiq

Recent announcements by Algerian coach Jemel Belmadi prompted many backlash against Gambian referee Bekri Gassama. The Gambian Football Federation has announced that it has “registered a complaint” with the Algerian body and is requesting a disciplinary inquiry from FIFA and the CAF.

“We will never again see a referee hurting a country”, “He took away a whole people’s hope and we leave him as is. I’m not saying he should be killed”. Several weeks after Algeria’s loss in the play-off against Cameroon (1-2), denied Fenex of the 2022 World Cup, coach Jamel Belmadi is not angry and has again dismissed the Gambian, Becari Gassama’s arbitration Is.

Words that could be costly for the former midfielder. Through a post on Facebook, the Gambian Football Federation announced that it has “registered an official complaint with the Algerian Football Federation.” The main reason is the “sustained verbal attacks launched against Mr. Bekri Gassama” by Algerian citizens.

On the set of Canal+, former Ligue 1 referee Tony Chaprone, for his part, wished Belmadi’s suspension: “What he says is extremely serious. He should be suspended for a moment. There is an appeal for violence.”

Gambian Federation request for Algeria

In addition to “officially requesting FIFA and the CAF to initiate investigation and disciplinary proceedings” against Belmadi, the Gambian body demands that the Algerian federation “condemn Mr Belmadi’s actions and all verbal attacks on Mr Gassama in a public order”. Make a statement.”

The federation says that Algeria will be “held responsible and participatory” for damages caused to the famous Algerian-Cameroon referee. Recall that Belmadi recently announced to the media his intention to remain coach of the Fenex.

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