Algeria-Cameroon: the response of the Algerian federation to the threats of the Cameroonian federation

Jamel Belmadi’s announcements concerning the arbitration of the Algeria–Cameroon match (1–2) did not take long for the Cameroonian Football Federation to react, which threatened the Algerians to initiate legal proceedings. In response, the Algerian body clarified certain points through a press release this Wednesday.

The comeback play-off match between Algeria and Cameroon is making people a topic of discussion. During an interview where he announced his intention to remain coach of Algeria, during this meeting Jemel Belmadi restarted the machine by talking about the mediation of the bakery Gassama. What else is not with the Cameroonian Football Federation, which confirmed the voice of its president, Samuel Eto, to be ready to begin legal proceedings.

In response to this threat, the Algerian Football Federation clarified the position by saying that they have “never accused, quoted and even less accused Fekafoot or any other federation or international body of anything”. ” It must be said that Belmadi did not mince his words by stating that “never again in life will we allow two or three people to plot against our country.”

“Condemning the behavior of some referees is part of a process of common interest”

However, the Algerian authority has maintained its position by indicating that it believes it has the right to criticize the mediation made by Bekri Gassama during the Indomitable Lions protest: “It is part of the general approach to condemn the behavior of some referees.” Interest (…) The history of football is full of largely broken destinies, dramatic epics, but also injustices especially one arbitration order.

The FAF is also open to the idea of ​​collaborating with FECAFOOT to “bring light on the matter before the FIFA Ethics Committee.” Recall that the Gambian Football Federation also asked the Algerian leaders to condemn Belmadi’s remarks towards Gassama and sent a complaint against Belmadi to the FAF.

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