Algeria: Belmadi may expand

Despite Algeria’s recent poor performance, having finished in the CAN group stage in January and unable to qualify for the next World Cup, Djamel Belmadi’s contract may be extended soon.

This was announced at the time of departure. He may eventually be re-admitted for four more years. According to information from exclusive media DZ Foot, discussions are well underway for the extension of Djamel Belmadi (46 years old) into the head of the Algerian selection. Under contract till 2022, he should continue his adventure till the 2026 World Cup. Despite the final African Cup of Nations ending in the group stage and not qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the leaders of the Algerian federation have decided to keep their faith in African champions 2019 Belmady with this team.

Belmadi maintained ambiguity

In office since August 2018, the former OM and Manchester City midfielder had cast doubts over his future following his elimination against Cameroon in the World Cup play-offs. “These four years at the top of this selection have been four years of joy looking at the work we’ve done. Still, we had a goal, and we can’t miss it. It’s hard to talk about the future. Everyone’s disappointed. We haven’t seen ourselves missing out on this World Cup. A report will be made but at the moment despair prevails,” he explained. He said, “I never wanted to cling to the throne. The day I no longer feel worthless in my country, I will know what to do. That will reflect in the days to come.”

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Belmadi called on “the federation, the players and all players in this sport to work together to allow us to move forward”. “What is important is that this national team should be well surrounded. If we have to change? We will change. Football,” he insisted. Before being confirmed in your actions.

Despite the recent shock to Algeria, Belmadi retains a fairly high popularity rating among supporters. According to DZ Foot, its expansion may also end in the coming days.

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