Vincent Kompany calms things down before Eupen: “The Hoedt – Rafaelov incident? Like a brawl between a couple…”

After the defeat of the Union, Anderlecht did not have time to cry for a long time. This Thursday, one of the most important matches of the season is on schedule, the semi-final first leg of the Cup, in Eupen. “My players should play the match as if it were a final”Company says. “Even if there is still a second leg, we have to play the first leg to win it.”

There were a few incidents during and after the games in the union. At halftime, a conflict ensued between Hoed and Rafalov. “It’s Like An Argument In A Couple”Company says. “Lior and Wesley are together day and night, they go to restaurants together. Things have been said in the heat of the moment. I think that’s happening in Bruges and Antwerp too. I’m glad the group solved the problem.” Self-resolved (Editor’s) Note: Van Krombrugh took them apart. To me, these kinds of things aren’t serious. They can even make a positive impact on the pitch.”

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