Standard-Circle: Ruchess claims three points, Bruges strongly opposes

It was early this Friday that a hearing was held before the Disciplinary Council following the case of Moussa Sisakko’s canceled goal at the end of the match between Manka and Cercle Brugge. As a reminder, the Frenchman scored his second goal from Lige in the 92nd minute and 50th when extra time was three minutes. After waiting several minutes, VAR invalidated the decision of the meeting’s referee, Mr Visser, speculating that after the images were zoomed in, the two lines (of Ruche Sisakko and Brugios Miyangu) did not touch. The next day, the refereeing department created its own foreign ministry and specified that they drew the lines confirming that the goal was to be validated.

The Standard had complained about the decision and claimed three points of victory this Friday through its lawyer Master Stas de Richel. “The two articles are to be taken into account and distinguished. B6 120 which refers to an opposition or appeal against an error by the referee in the assessment of a fact. Then there is B6 121 which refers to a protest or appeal of a Speaks. Appeal against the referee’s error in applying the rules of the game. We are explicitly in the case of article B6 121 in the sense that the VAR should not interfere. When it is an obvious error then He should. The rules say that if it is an apparent error then VAR must intervene. However, it took more than five minutes to decide the VAR and the use of zoom. So VAR did not have to intervene. So the decision rested on the referee which is a violation of the rules of the game, it is clear. Then there is whether the referee’s department misjudged the line. They accepted their mistake and confirmed that V AR rules were followed incorrectly. This is another element which shows that it is not a question of twice appreciating the rules of the game but disrespect. We are of course in the application of Article B6 121 which states that the competent body shall, behind it, determine whether the error has seriously harmed the result of the match. If it is not possible to modify the score of the match at the end of this decision, the Authority restores the score and does not replay the match.

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