Saint-Trund returns to race for Playoff 2 with 3 points in Kortrijko

Saint-Trund started off with a brilliant volley from Abubakari Koita (0-1, 11′). The Trudonnay midfielder found himself receiving an air cross from the right bank and the foot of Brules, and the ball passed behind Dale’s net in an instant, helpless.

From a passerby, Brules became the scorer by converting a penalty before half-time (0-2, 39th). Watanabe had circled Hara in the area and made a mistake by trying to block his shot to the St-Trund striker. Shortly after the hour mark, Kortrijk was back in the game thanks to a goal from Qadri (1-2, 61st). Badamosi benefited from a deep ball and eliminated his direct opponent before sending a cross to his partner, who only needed to push the ball past the net.

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