“Nobody’s guaranteed to play”: Yuri Tylemans sanction against Liverpool?

It looks like a punishment. This Thursday, Leicester City face Liverpool at Anfield Road. And, surprisingly at kick-off, Yuri Tyelemens, although the least captain this season, started on the bench. Brendan Rodgers, who is increasingly crying at Fox, appeared at a press conference to address this beginning of the problem. Why did he choose to part ways with Satan as well as the Turkish caglar Soyunku during such an important meeting? Short question, short answer: “Nobody’s guaranteed to play and people know it”,

In fact, Brussels’ Ketje realized this weekend, one of his worst performances since arriving in Leicester City. Flushed, the Foxes were knocked out of the FA Cup by a modest Nottingham Forest (4–1). A slap that had a direct effect: Yuri Tylemens starts a meeting on the bench for the second time in the Premier League.

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