Tokyo Olympics: rowing events modified due to typhoon

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been forced to advance several rounds of rowing, from Monday to Sunday, due to the threat of a typhoon reaching Tokyo. Windsurfing events are also under threat of a change in schedule.

Already postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, these Tokyo Olympics are now under threat of a typhoon. This, imminent, could disrupt the program of several events. Rowing races have already been moved.

Windsurfing also threatened

Initially scheduled for Monday, some rowing races have already been brought forward by one day to avoid the typhoon. There are several series. According to the Japanese weather agency, this typhoon is arriving south of Tokyo and slowly moving north. The city of Tokyo could be affected as early as Tuesday.

The rowing events are held in Tokyo Bay, near the city center. The sports director of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) estimated that these forecasts from Japanese meteorologists are “a big plus”, to be able to anticipate and thus modify the program of the events.

“We are fortunate to have this technology available,” said Christophe Dubi, IOC sports manager. At this stage, no other major changes are announced even if the sailing events also promise to be potentially disrupted. “The typhoon, we know it’s something that can happen. It will bring swell, it can be sport”, confided in recent hours Charline Picon, gold medalist in Rio 2016 in windsurfing, adding to be “one of those who adapt well to technical conditions”.

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