The little story behind the incredible photo between Nina Derwael and Novak Djokovic

When the world tennis n ° 1 meets the double gymnastics world champion: Nina Derwael was well inspired by posting on her social networks the photo of her improbable meeting between Novak Djokovic on Friday at the Olympic Village of the Tokyo Games. The gymnast has, in fact, given a nice spotlight with the complicity of Novak Djokovic, undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the sport planet who aligns this year at the Olympics. Because at the speed of light, this shot full of good humor and so symbolic of the Olympic values ​​of meeting and sharing, has spread on the Web and provoked many amused reactions.

But what is the story behind this photo which will remain as one of the most striking, even if it is not directly linked to the competition, of this edition of the Olympic Games? It is, in fact, one of the gymnastics coaches, Mathieu Zimmermannn, who is the author of this shot. The meeting between “Djoko” and the group of Belgian gymnasts took place while our representatives (Nina Derwael, but also Maellyse Brassart, who can be seen next to Nina, Jutta Verkest and Lisa Vaelen) were doing their stretching under the eyes of Marjorie Heuls and Yves Kieffer, their appointed coaches, and Wouter Taurin, their physiotherapist.

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