PSG: Mbappé and Neymar promise “not to sin” for Golden Ball



In a cross interview published by PSG’s official magazine, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar revealed their friendship and their status as Ballon d’Or candidates. By making sure we don’t see ourselves as rivals at this stage.

Kylian Mbappe resumed training a few days ago, almost a month after the Blues were eliminated in the Euro 16 round. Neymar is still on leave after losing to Brazil in the Copa America final. PSG’s cracks should soon be found at the Camp des Logs. But they are not yet certain to develop under the same jersey this season. Even a year after his contract expired, Mbappe (22) still has not extended. He doesn’t say anything else. In this context his future in the capital remains uncertain. For Neymar (29), who has extended his lease until 2025, the situation is clear. While waiting for the end of the transfer window, the two gave a cross interview to the club’s official magazine, which celebrates ten years since the arrival of the Qatari owners (the interviews seem to have been done several weeks earlier).


“Easier to play with a friend”

Especially the opportunity to mention the Golden Ball, for which they are regularly announced as credible candidates. Swearing that this individual trophy does not create any rivalry between them. “No! Neymar is in the best position to talk about it, he played in a club with Messi and I think there was never a problem between them,” replied Mbappe. For great players, together It’s easy to play. The most important thing will always be to help the team and that Paris Saint-Germain win. If, one day, Paris Saint-Germain wins and Neymar is the player who will shine the most and deserve the Golden Ball So he’ll win this trophy, it’s that simple. And if I’m the one who shines the most, I’ll win it. There. We’re not going to scatter each other over that. I repeat, The most important is Paris Saint-Germain (he shows the club crest) We wear the same jersey and we like each other a lot. We are friends. And it is even easier to play with a friend, especially when he is the one be a great player…”

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“Our mood is to help each other”

Neymar agrees. Even for him, no problem with his attacking partner, seven years his junior. “I completely agree with what you say, watching Mbappe make the Brazilian rebound. We are two great players who play on the same team. Which means one fundamental thing: we’re on the same side. I’m always on the same side.” Hope things are going well Kian and it is mutual. The important thing is that Paris Saint-Germain are the champions “


“Our state of mind is to help each other out, to complete the Selecao striker. When I score, I want Kylian to score too. And when he scores, he wants me to too.” Let me score. We have a lot of scoring. I admire Kylian not only as a player but also off the field for the affection and respect he has achieved, and everything he has done so far. I am really happy with what he has achieved. He will achieve in future.”

“Kylan and I are very similar”

Mbappe then expresses his admiration for Neymar’s human qualities. And his desire to always be on top: “He’s a perfect person. He’s a competitor. Even in life, he always wants to win. That’s what really drives him to be a competitor.”

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And the former Barca dribbler sends him congratulations. with roughly equivalent terms. “He’s a real competitor. A guy who doesn’t like to lose. We’re pretty much the same at this point. Whether it’s in training or during a game, we always want to win. It excites you, increases your focus.” And makes you train even harder. That mindset is an admirable thing that Kian and I have. We are two players who don’t like to lose at all and we always give the maximum to win wherever we go.”


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