Olympics 2021: the justifications of the Korean channel accused of racism after the opening ceremony

The Korean television channel MBC apologized on Saturday to several nations concerned by comments or images deemed racist during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games gave rise to superb moments like the terrestrial globe made up of 1,824 drones in the sky of Tokyo. But the launch of the Olympics is also synonymous with several hours of live that must be filled. An interminable diffusion for some which sometimes generated some uncontrolled slippages. This is particularly the case in South Korea where the MBC channel was forced to publish a press release to apologize to its viewers and to several nations for racist jokes.

“We apologize to the countries concerned and our viewers,” the outlet wrote in a post shared on social media. MBC used inappropriate images and captions to present certain countries at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo July 23. We sincerely apologize to the affected countries and viewers. “

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“Facilitate the understanding of the spectators”

A press release posted after the emergence of a lively controversy around the world. In question, several jokes of very bad taste during the parade of nations in the Olympic stadium in Tokyo. If Italy’s outfit during the opening ceremony caused a reaction, it was not necessarily worth representing Italy with a pizza …

The photo of Chernobyl for the passage of the Ukrainian delegation also posed a serious problem. Especially on this date of the 35th anniversary of the nuclear disaster. While some may find the cliché about Norway and the salmon amusing, hard to joke about the situation in Syria, presented as the “land of civil war for ten years” or the Marshall Islands seen as an “area of ​​civil war for ten years”. nuclear tests “for the United States.

“The images and captures were intended to make it easier for spectators to understand which countries enter quickly during the opening ceremony, MBC still tried to defend. However, we admit that there was a lack of consideration. for the countries concerned and that the inspection was not sufficiently thorough. This is an inexcusable error. Once again, we are deeply sorry and regret this error. “

The MBC channel also promised better selections and filtering of illustrations and country presentations in order to reproduce these kinds of unfortunate incidents. it must be admitted, to represent El Salvador as the country of Bitcoin, it was well found. We almost regret not having spotted the cliché used for France.

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