Olympics 2021 (gym): the moving tribute of Aït-Saïd to his deceased father, after his qualification


Qualified for the final of the 2021 Olympic Games on the rings, the French flag bearer Samir Aït-Saïd evoked the memory of his missing father and sneered at his injury in Rio. But the gymnast remains aware that “the hardest part remains to be done”.


After the qualification, the emotion. This Saturday, Samir Aït-Saïd qualified for the Olympic rings final (Monday August 2 around 10 a.m.) by finishing third in the qualifications behind the Greek Petrounias (reigning Olympic champion) and the Chinese Yang Liu, and ahead of the champion of the Turkish title world Ibrahim Colak.

The flag bearer of the French delegation revealed that he still thought a lot about his father, who died in 2019, and his daughter born at the beginning of the year. “I have a thought for my father, he is with me. I have his chain which he always had around his neck. I am very happy and very sad because I miss him. I did it today ‘ hui for all my family and my partners and the people who have helped me. Without them, I would not have made it, that’s for sure “.


“I am very happy to be leaving on my own two legs”

With the four gymnasts standing in a few tenths, everything can still be turned upside down in the final. Aït-Saïd, who made a mistake before his release, therefore still has a little margin, “bullshit that cost me three tenths”, according to him. It will take a perfect performance to secure his third place and hope to go higher.

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“I am already very happy to start again on my own two legs”, also amused the gymnast, referring to his memorable injury during the last Olympic Games in Rio. Before recalling that “the hardest part remains to be done”: “It is just a stage, tomorrow morning I will return to the coal training”.


“I was under a lot of pressure and struggled to sleep yesterday”

“It’s a lot of emotion, of joy, he also explained after qualifying. I’m very happy. Honestly, as I said, I was not being smart. I had a lot of pressure and trouble sleeping yesterday. Now we went super late and I felt super tired. I thought I was going to take a nap. Getting into bed, I couldn’t sleep because I was sleeping. I visualized sleeping. It was getting very long and I needed it to pass. I needed to breathe. “

Aït-Saïd will be the only French in the final. Loris Frasca engaged in the all-around qualifications failed to enter the 24 to go to the final. Big disappointment for Cyril Tommasone on pommel horse. Eliminated with a 43rd place, far from the first 8 qualifiers, he remained on a fifth and a fourth place in the last two Games on this apparatus.


JAu with Nicolas Jamin in Tokyo

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