Olympics 2021: a fencer banned from the Olympic village for inappropriate sexual behavior

Alen Hadzic, an American fencer qualified for Tokyo, will experience very unique Olympic Games. Under investigation for inappropriate sexual behavior, the latter is not allowed to stay in the Olympic Village with the rest of Team USA. He therefore remains alone at the hotel.

He has the right to participate in the Olympic Games, but not to approach his fellows. At least not outside of training and competition. Alen Hadzic, an American fencer who qualified for the Olympics as a substitute for the men’s épée team, has been banned from staying in the Olympic Village by his own federation.

In May, after Hadzic’s qualification for Tokyo, three American athletes accused him to the US Center for SafeSport of inappropriate sexual behavior, for facts dating from 2013 to 2015. The organization had suspended him immediately, but a mediator lifted this sanction at the end of June, allowing the swordsman to compete in the Olympics.

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Alone on the plane and at the hotel

Faced with this situation, the American Fencing Federation therefore devised a “security plan”, forcing Hadzic to fly to Japan two days after his comrades, and to stay there in a hotel located about 30 minutes away. car from the Olympic Village.

The person, who has denied from the start the alleged facts, seized this week the American Olympic Committee for the right to integrate the village, like all his compatriots. But as USA Today reports, he was unsuccessful. The committee has in fact decided to maintain the isolation measures, with a slight relaxation, since Hadzic would have the right to move to a hotel a little closer to the village.

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