Olympic Games: Macron welcomes "the courage of the Japanese" facing the health crisis


President Emmanuel Macron attended the Bleues’ match against the USA in 3×3 basketball on Saturday in Tokyo. The opportunity, despite the defeat of the Habs (17-10), to send them a strong message for a possible final and to discuss the start of these Olympic Games marked by the health crisis.

“We are all frustrated”. Emmanuel Macron readily admits, the Olympic Games in times of pandemic, it clearly does not have the same flavor. The day after the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games which he attended, the President of the Republic was present to support the girls of 3×3 basketball, opposed to the United States in the Japanese capital.


“You have to be very humble in relation to the epidemic, said the Head of State. If we had told you two years ago that we would do the Olympics like that, you would never have believed it. salute the courage of the Japanese and the will to have maintained the Olympics despite the period. Now the Games are being held, we are all fully behind our athletes and we try to make them feel our vibrations. This adrenaline is part of sport and of the competition. “

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Macron sees the Bleues in 3×3 basketball win the final

Before wishing to see the Place de la Concorde become “a cauldron” for these events in 2024 on the occasion of the Paris Games, Emmanuel Macron sent a strong message to the Bleues du basket 3×3, beaten by 17-10 by the USA Saturday at the Aomi Urban Sports Park.

“We support our basketball players, we support them at each competition, said Emmanuel Macron. The girls are great, they showed it again a few weeks, a few months ago. It was the first time that I saw a 3×3. Physically, you can say that it’s great. We congratulated them. It’s physically impressive. It’s 10 minutes non-stop with a form of self-management which is quite impressive. I told them that it is ‘was probably the final match, the only one they had the right to lose. The real final, they will win it. ” Despite this first setback, the Blue can still dream of a medal in their group of eight teams. Next meeting, this Saturday, against the Italians.


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