Olympic Games 2021: "What a beautiful message of hope", the joy of Estanguet during the opening ceremony


Speaking on RMC on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, the president of Paris 2024 Tony Estanguet, spoke of the joy of French athletes at the time of entering the Olympic fortnight.


“We have the impression that the athletes are happy to be there, they are optimistic, and want to discover it, it feels good to see them”. It was a smiling Tony Estanguet who spoke to RMC’s microphone, moments before the arrival of the French delegation in the Olympic stadium on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2021 Games.

The Olympic Village, “a place full of optimism”

The president of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games also explained that the French athletes were optimistic when discovering the Olympic village: “I felt envy, determination, they were not at all negative, rejoices “He. I felt the athletes were delighted to be there. They had stars in their eyes because for many it’s years of hard work and training. They fought to be there. They fought to be there. They were there.” want to do battle, I found the Olympic Village to be a place full of optimism and that feels good. “

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>> The opening ceremony live

Before discussing the complications linked to the various restrictions: “There are very strict sanitary conditions, a lot of measures put in place which are certainly restrictive. To have crossed some of them (the French athletes), they were super calm, super serene , they understand very well why there are these conditions which impose themselves in the context. They just want to participate in their Games and live their adventure. “


“The whole of France is behind our athletes”

Tony Estanguet also welcomed the presence of Emmanuel Macron at this opening ceremony, “a very strong message”, according to him: “Through his presence, there is a message of support in Japan for all they have endured, for their ability to maintain their organization of games despite the difficulty. “

“He wants to live in that moment, to send this message of support to French athletes, he adds. They do not have their supporters in the stadiums, but they have the head of state and in Through the head of state, all of France is behind our athletes. “


For the former kayaker, “it is also an opportunity to send a message: we are the next organizers”. The head of state is mobilized on the organization and success of Paris 2024 “. Finally, the President of the Republic seemed” really delighted, impressed by this beginning of the ceremony “, in the words of the triple Olympic chamopion.

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