Olympic Games 2021: "Make France a sporting nation", wish to Blanquer

Present this Sunday in Tokyo at Club France, the Minister of Sports, Jean-Michel Blanquer, scanned several subjects. From the possible implementation of the health pass for sports practice to Ligue 1 TV rights.

A health pass to practice sport at the start of the school year?

While the health pass is gradually being implemented in France, Jean-Michel Blanquer mentioned a possible application for sports practice at the start of the school year: “The goal is for most of the French population to be vaccinated. We are still in an incentive policy. Everything is open, I will give details on the school subject. But whatever the sector, the work etc … we are looking for consistency. The objective is that everyone takes back the sport normally at the start of the school year. Sport is even more important today in this post-covid society with the epidemic for health, fitness. We want sport for all of society. with Roxana Maracineanu a big campaign “play sport” in September to encourage young people to join clubs. We have taken measures which should make France a sporting nation. “

TV rights in L1? Blanquer wants the general public to have access to the matches

Jean-Michel Blanquer, who believes that a reflection on the economy of sport is necessary, indicated this Sunday in Tokyo that the Ministry of Sports and the government follow developments around the TV rights of Ligue 1 closely. “It is our business that the general public can have access to matches,” said the Minister of Sports.

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A growing budget for sport

The government is already working on the future budgets for the year 2022 and plans to increase that of sports. In 2021, the Ministry of Sports had an envelope of 802 million euros, of which 225 million was allocated to the construction of the Olympic structures and 305 million to the National Sports Agency. In 2022, Jean-Michel Blanquer expects this figure to increase by 22% without being able to go into details.

No abolition of Sports Technical Advisor positions in 2022

Since September 2018 and a reform of the government, 1,600 CTS positions were under threat of abolition. The CTS are the civil servants placed with the sports federations. They provide technical support and promote the development of sports practices. Moreover, they play a crucial role in French sport, especially as regards high level sport. The state that took charge of their salaries then wanted to disengage. Jean-Michel Blanquer officially announced this morning that there would be no job cuts in 2022.

Nicolas Paolorsi in Tokyo

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