Labrune appoints a footballers representative for the LFP

The president of the LFP Vincent Labrune has appointed Jérôme Dumois as the footballers’ representative for the League. He will be responsible for product promotion, arbitration, social dialogue and governance.

Vincent Labrune wished to rely on a representative of footballers for his French football reform projects. It is therefore Jérôme Dumois (Director of Cabinet of the UNFP) who will coordinate the working groups of the LFP on the themes of product valuation, arbitration, social dialogue and governance.

In a football in crisis, this appointment is significant because Jérôme Dumois is a true defender and close to the players. It reflects the ambition for growth and balance desired by Labrune as well as his confidence in a man he knows well, familiar with the issues of transformation at the UNFP, particularly on political and societal issues.

Dumois maintains frank relations with the clubs

Jérôme Dumois has experience of football growth issues and issues. He also maintains frank relations with many clubs, which should facilitate synergies with the representatives of the players, in order to create new virtuous models for all the actors of a French football which needs more than ever unity.

The attractiveness of footballers to an audience that needs to be won over or won over is well established. And when we know how vital it is to create new sources of income in the very short term, to be able to count on the body that footballers trust to reform, that makes sense.

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