F1: Verstappen crash at Silverstone cost Red Bull over € 1.5m


Red Bull indicates, through the voice of Christopher Horner, that the crash destroying Max Verstappen’s car last week at Silverstone cost the team dearly. The director is also “disappointed” by the attitude of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton after the accident.


Five days after the accident, Christopher Horner takes stock of his driver, the crash and the damage caused by this racing incident at the British Grand Prix last Sunday. Starting from pole position, Max Verstappen clashed with Lewis Hamilton at the end of the first lap, after a fiery start, finishing at full speed in a wall of tires.

“It is natural that emotion comes into play”

“This accident cost us around 1.8 million dollars (1.5 million euros) and an accident like this has major consequences in an era of budget caps,” said the team manager in a statement. column published on the Red Bull website. The Dutch driver’s single-seater appeared to be completely destroyed when the red flag was issued and when it was cleared from the track.


Celebrations that go wrong

Horner also returned to the celebrations of Lewis Hamilton after his victory over the wire, deemed “disrespectful” by Verstappen, who had learned of this outcome from the hospital. “When you have a driver in the hospital and the extent of the injuries is not yet specified, your car has been wrecked and the marshals have sanctioned the driver found responsible, it is natural that the emotion comes into play, ”he said, tackling the entire Mercedes paddock in passing.

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“The talk that Max was ‘too aggressive’ at this point was unwarranted”

“The Mercedes team was aware of the seriousness of the accident, Max having been hospitalized and requiring additional checks, he lambasted. It is unimaginable not to inform your driver of the situation, moreover to protect your driver in case where he would not show the necessary restraint to celebrate, in particular he was sanctioned for this accident. “


Christopher Horner was also surprised at the words of Hamilton, who had deemed Verstappen too aggressive when discussing the collision. “I also felt that the talk that Max was ‘too aggressive’ at this point was unwarranted, explains the Red Bull manager. You just have to look at the fact that Max has no point of penalty on his license and has not been found guilty of any error in judgment on the track in recent years. “


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