Euro 2021: the Italy-Spain half will be played without a spectator from abroad


UEFA has confirmed the presence of 60,000 people at Wembley for the semi-finals and final of the Euro, despite the increase in Covid in England. But fans from Italy or Spain will not be able to go there for the semi-final on Tuesday (9 p.m.).


UEFA is staying the course. The European confederation has confirmed that the end of the Euro will take place according to the reception conditions provided by the British local authorities and that nothing, not even the serious increase in cases across the Channel, is likely to call into question this organization. The gauge will be increased to 75% at Wembley for the semi-finals and the final, or 60,000 people.

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Contacted by RMC Sport, UEFA refers to the statements of its medical advisor for Euro 2021 Daniel Koch. “It is not entirely excluded that events and gatherings may ultimately lead to a local increase in the number of cases, but this would not only apply to football matches, but also to any type of situation which is now allowed in the framework of the easing measures decided by the competent local authorities, the latter said.The intensive vaccination campaigns that have been deployed across Europe and border controls will help to ensure that no new big wave is triggered in Europe and will put pressure on the respective health systems, as was the case in previous waves of infection. “

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The families of the players also absent

Despite this, British government restrictions remain in place and the semi-final between Italy and Spain on Tuesday (9 p.m.) will be played without supporters from the two countries concerned. For the British authorities, attending a football match is not a compelling reason for travel. As a result, supporters coming from abroad should have been forced into isolation for five days.


With the Italians and Spaniards qualifying last Friday, the deadline was too short to allow this isolation and be at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. No privilege was granted since someone close to the Italian delegation confirmed to us that none of the families of the players would be present in London on Tuesday evening.

Italy and Spain rely on their diaspora in London

The only solution would be to arrive on British territory in the coming hours, to isolate themselves hoping that their favorite would qualify for the final. A daring bet due first of all to the glorious uncertainty of sport but also and above all to the cost of the operation: plane ticket, six nights in a minimum hotel, seat prices (high in London), COVID tests billed to the minimum to 114 pounds sterling (over 130 euros). Such a trip would cost around 2,500 euros without any guarantee of seeing his team get out of the semi-finals.

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Without supporters from Italy and Spain, this will not prevent the two teams from benefiting from support with the many nationals of these two countries residing in the English capital. Italians of nationality and English of direct Italian origin (through their father or mother) represent 450 to 500,000 inhabitants, which makes London the 7th “Italian city” in the world. Communities that are sure to fill the 60,000 places available at Wembley.


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