Euro 2021: "Our worst match of the Euro", loose Meunier after the elimination of Belgium


Belgium defender Thomas Meunier admitted a fine loser after the Red Devils defeat (2-1) in the quarter-finals of the Euro against Italy, which “clearly deserves” his qualification.


This time, Thomas Meunier recognizes the defeat without bitterness. The right side of Borussia Dortmund draws an implacable report after the defeat of Belgium against Italy (2-1), Friday evening in the quarter-finals of the Euro. “We took water in all the compartments when they had the ball and we had difficulty building with the ball, he explains after the meeting. It was our worst match of the Euro”.

“We had a lot of trouble breaking the lines”

Overtaken by Spinazzola and Insigne in his lane, Meunier believes that the Red Devils could have done better, if they had stayed high on the pitch: “Italy was beatable but we were also beaten by stronger than us. , we have opportunities … Between the passes from Kevin (De Bruyne) to Romelu (Lukaku), the dribbles from Jérémy (Doku) … Back to the wall, we had very positive time intervals, but the problem it was because it never lasted long, we ended up playing much too low again. We had a lot of trouble breaking the lines “.

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“They clearly deserve the victory but we did not make it easy for ourselves,” he concluded, not resentful, while Kevin De Bruyne already felt that his team had been unlucky with the many injuries. For his part, coach Roberto Martinez was “very sad, very disappointed for the players who do not deserve to leave the tournament in view of their involvement”.

For Martinez, Belgium “lacked speed”

At the microphone of the RTBF, Martinez also tried to explain this defeat: “There were two very good teams on the ground. Italy was better in the first period. We were not fast enough against their pressing, we lacked speed, and we took an avoidable goal. In the second half, we tied the game. I don’t think there was a lack of freshness. The proof: at 0-2 we could have come out of the match but it didn’t. I’m proud of what this team did. “


The coach of the Red Devils also confirmed that Kevin De Bruyne, affected against Portugal, “played 90 minutes with an injury”. For him, “the moment is too sad” to discuss his future, while his contract runs until the 2022 World Cup and this elimination at the gates of the last four sounds like a failure, despite the unfavorable circumstances.

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