Carragher trims Wijnaldum after his statements on Liverpool and his departure from PSG

On his Twitter account, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher criticized neo-Parisian Georginio Wijnaldum for leaving the Reds and joining PSG for financial reasons, while the Dutch midfielder complained about his media treatment.

Several weeks after the end of his contract at Liverpool, the departure of Georginio Wijnaldum continues to spill ink across the Channel. While he was criticized for choosing PSG for financial reasons, the Dutchman regretted his treatment in the media and on social networks. To which the former glory of the Reds Jamie Carragher responded vehemently.

“I didn’t feel loved”

We must first look at the maintenance of the player in the Times. Wijnaldum mentions his love for the club in particular: “Liverpool meant so much to me. There was a moment when I did not feel love there. (…) Not from my teammates or concerning the Melwood folks. Over the past two seasons I’ve had that feeling a few times. “

“The media did not help,” he adds of his departure. There was a story that I had not accepted Liverpool’s offer because I wanted more money, and the fans said ‘OK he didn’t take the offer so he didn’t try his best to win games’. Everything seemed to be against me. Before talking about his treatment by the supporters: “On social networks, if we lost, it was me who was blamed – [soit-disant parce que] I wanted to leave.”

Carragher: “He wanted more money”

For Jamie Carragher, the truth is much simpler than that: the player did not stay at the club due to financial disagreements, nothing more. And according to him, social networks are just a pretext.

“I love Gini but it’s not true, social networks are a circus and every club has clowns, writes the former central defender on Twitter. Turn off your notifications and if it bothers you too much, delete the app! He wanted more money, the club said no, it’s football! “

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