Barça: fired by email, Matheus Fernandes smashes club management


Recently released by FC Barcelona a year after his arrival, Matheus Fernandes virulently denounced the way in which the club separated from him, namely by sending a simple email.


“When I got there, they didn’t treat me like a sportsman.” Matheus Fernandes will not leave an indelible mark in the history of FC Barcelona. The Brazilian defensive midfielder does not want to stop there, however, with the Catalan club, which has just separated. The 23-year-old is lashing out at his former management over his dismissal as he plans to take the case to court.

“They didn’t even call me”

“I was not aware and I did not believe it at the time, explains Fernandes in an interview with Globoesporte. I was at home, I received a message from the club staff asking me if I had the same email address, which I confirmed, then I received it (the email). I didn’t understand, I sent it to my manager and my lawyer. They said it was my dismissal. I said, “ah, they lied if they did that”. Some time has passed. No conversation, nothing, they didn’t even call me to talk to me or say goodbye. “


The Brazilian has also learned that he is not the only one in this case. “I don’t know what the management did, what happened in Barcelona, ​​he wonders. I don’t know, it’s taking a very strange turn. They fired a guy over the phone. , then another by email. It doesn’t cost anything to call and talk. That’s how we don’t count on you. In any job, we can tell you we don’t count on you. We have to talk about it. But it’s not a call or an email and that’s it. I think it’s very unprofessional. “

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Fernandes will file a complaint

“They didn’t say anything to me. They just said goodbye. It was ugly on the part of the club,” he regrets before explaining that he leaves “the care of his lawyers” to manage the ‘case in court, as reported by Catalan media, relayed by Marca.


During his short stint at Barça, Matheus Fernandes will be confined to a substitute role, coming into play only once: for 17 minutes against Dynamo Kiev (4-0), last November, in the League champions. He had arrived a few months earlier against seven million euros from Palmeiras, whom he recently regained after suddenly leaving Barca.


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