2021 Olympics: Sunday’s program, with Buchard and a big France – United States in basketball

An explosive France – United States in basketball, the hopes of the fencers, Amandine Buchard’s luck in judo: here is the program for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games this Sunday, July 25.

Big program for the French, this Sunday July 25 in Tokyo. For the second day of the 2021 Olympic Games after the opening ceremony, major events follow one another. The Blues of basketball, led by Rudy Gobert, notably made their debut against the United States (2 p.m. French time), shortly after the end of the judo and fencing events, which could well inflate the tricolor medal counter.

Buchard aims for gold

Two weapons are in the spotlight this Sunday (from 2 am, finals at 11 am): women’s foil, with Ysaora Thibus, candidate announced for the podium; and the men’s epee of Yannick Borel, 2018 world champion. On the tatami mats (starts at 4 a.m., finals at 11 a.m.), Amandine Buchard (-52kg ladies) is openly aiming for gold, where Kilian le Blouch (-66kg men ) will try to figure well.

The first medals could also fall during the night: even if he is not the favorite, Léon Marchand will start a very open 400m medley final at 3.33am. French skaters will also be keen to shine for the premiere of their sport at the Olympic Games: Vincent Milou and Aurélien Giraud will take part (qualifying at 2 a.m., final at 5 a.m.) in the street event.

The beginnings for Biles

In tennis, Gaël Monfils will also launch his Olympic singles tournament against Belarusian Ilya Ivashka (4h), as will Alizé Cornet, Fiona Ferro and Carolina Garcia. For the Blues of football, there will already be no room for error against South Africa (10am), after the inaugural misstep against Mexico. The women’s 3×3 basketball team is also continuing its journey with two games against Japan (10.55am) and then China (2pm).

It is also the hour of the big debuts for one of the stars of these Olympic Games: the American Simone Biles will take part in the qualifications in artistic gymnastics (3:30), alongside the French Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos.

The program for Sunday July 25


2h40: Draft two for men (Thibaud and Guillaume Turlan)

2h50: Repechage two in lady’s point

3h: Draft two of a couple lightweight men

3:20 am: Draft two of a pair of lightweight ladies (Laura Tarantola and Claire Bové)

3h40: Draft four of a couple men

3h50: Draft four of a lady pair (Violaine Aernoudts, Margaux Bailleul, Marie Jacquet and Emma Lunatti)

4h: Eight man series

4:20 a.m .: Eight lady series


3h: Single man group stage

3h: Single lady group stage

3h: Double man group stage

3h: Double queen group stage

3h: Mixed doubles group stage (Delphine Delrue-Tom Gicquel at 5h)

11 a.m .: Single man group stage

11 a.m .: Single lady group stage

11am: Double man group stage

11am: Double queen group stage

11am: Mixed doubles group stage


3:15 a.m .: Ladies group stage (Japan-Mongolia)

3:40 a.m .: Ladies group stage (Romania-Italy)

4:35 am: Men’s group stage (Russia-Belgium)

5am: Men’s group stage (Poland-Serbia)

7am: Ladies group stage (Mongolia-Russia)

7:25 a.m .: Ladies group stage (China-Italy)

8am: Men’s group stage (China-Lithuania)

8:25 am: Men’s group stage (Serbia-Belgium)

10:30 am: Ladies group stage (Romania-USA)

10.55 a.m .: Ladies group stage (Japan-France)

11:40 am: Men’s group stage (Russia-Poland)

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12:05 p.m .: Men’s group stage (Japan-Netherlands)

2 p.m .: Ladies group stage (China-France)

2:25 p.m .: Ladies group stage (Russia-USA)

3 p.m .: Men’s group stage (Netherlands-China)

3:25 p.m .: Men’s group stage (Lithuania-Japan)


3h: Men’s group stage (Iran-Czech Republic)

6:40 am: Men’s group stage (Germany-Italy)

10:20 am: Men’s group stage (Australia-Nigeria)

2 p.m .: Men’s group stage (France-USA)


4h: 1/16 finals for ladies flies (-51kg)

5:03 am: Round of 16 in men’s middleweight (-75kg)

5:18 am: 1/16 light men (-63kg)

6h54: 1/16 light heavyweight men (-81 kg)

10am: 1/16 finals for ladies flies (-51kg)

11:18 am: 1/16 light men (-63kg)

1:12 p.m .: 1/16 light heavyweight men (-81 kg)


6h: Canoe C1 men series (Martin Thomas at 6:32)

6:47 am: K1 ladies kayak series (Marie Zelia Lafont at 7:30 am)

7:57 am: Canoe C1 men series (Martin Thomas at 8:40 am)

8:45 am: K1 ladies kayak series (Marie Zelia Lafont at 9:38 am)


6 a.m .: Ladies race (Juliette Labous)


10am: Individual and team dressage (Alexandre Ayache, Morgan Barbançon, Maxime Collard. Alternate: Isabelle Pento)


2 hours: Round of 32 individual foil, ladies (Anita Blaze at 3.25 a.m., Pauline Ranvier at 3.25 a.m., Ysaora Thibus at 4.35 a.m.)

2:30 a.m .: 1/32 round of men’s individual epee (Alexandre Bardenet at 5:20 a.m., Romain Cannone at 5:20 a.m., Yannick Borel at 6:10 a.m.)

2h55: Round of 16 individual foil, ladies

4:55 am: 1/16 men’s individual epee

6:35 a.m .: 1 / 8th finals, ladies’ individual foil

7:35 am: 1/8 final epee individual men

8:25 a.m .: Women’s individual foil quarter-final

8:55 am: Men’s individual epee quarter-final

11 a.m .: Ladies individual foil semi-finals

12:03 p.m .: Men’s individual epee semi-finals

12.55 p.m .: Final for the women’s individual foil bronze

13:27: Final for the women’s individual epee bronze

13h55: Women’s individual foil final

2:28 p.m .: Men’s individual epee final


9:30 am: Men’s group stage (Egypt-Argentina)

10am: Men’s group stage (France-South Africa)

10am: Men’s group stage (New Zealand-Honduras)

10:30 am: Men’s group stage (Brazil-Ivory Coast)

12:30 p.m .: Men’s group stage (Australia-Spain)

1 p.m .: Men’s group stage (Japan-Mexico)

1 p.m .: Men’s group stage (Romania-South Korea)

1:30 p.m .: Men’s group stage (Saudi Arabia-Germany)


3h: Ladies qualification

4:55 a.m .: Ladies qualification

8:10 a.m .: Ladies qualification

10:05 a.m .: Ladies qualification (Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, Marine Boyer, Carolann Héduit, Aline Friess)

1.20 p.m .: Ladies qualification


4h50: Group B men -61kg and -67kg

8:50 am: Group A men -61kg

12h50: Group A men -67kg (Bernard Kinge Matam)


2h: Women’s group stage (Netherlands-Japan)

4h: Women’s group stage (Russia-Brazil)

7.15 am: Women’s group stage (Montenegro-Angola)

9.15am: Women’s group stage (Norway-South Korea)

12:30 p.m .: Women’s group stage (Spain-Sweden)

2:30 p.m .: Women’s group stage (Hungary-France)


4h: Eliminations of the -52kg women (Amandine Buchard in 14th fight)

4h: Eliminations of -66kg men (Kilian Le Blouch in 4th fight)

7:34 am: Women’s -52kg quarter-finals

7:34 am: Men’s -66kg quarter-final

10am: Repechage of the -52kg women

10:17 a.m .: Women’s -52kg semi-finals

10:34 am: Draft of the -66kg men

10:51 am: Men’s -66kg semi-finals

11:08 am: Bronze final for the -52kg women

11:28 am: Women’s -52kg final

11:39 am: Bronze final -66kg men

11:59 am: Men’s -66kg final


3:30 am: Men’s 400m Medley Final (Léon Marchand)

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3h40: Semi-final 100m butterfly ladies (Marie Wattel)

3h52: Men’s 400m freestyle final

4:12 am: Final of the 400m medley ladies

4:33 am: Men’s 100m breaststroke semi-final

7:45 am: Women’s 4x100m freestyle final

12:02 p.m .: Women’s 100m backstroke series (Béryl Gastaldello at 12:07 p.m.)

12:17 p.m .: Men’s 200m freestyle series (Jonathan Atsu at 12:24 p.m., Jordan Pothain at 12:27 p.m.)

12:34 p.m .: Women’s 100m breaststroke series

12.51pm: Men’s 100m backstroke series (Mewen Tomac at 12.58pm, Yohann Ndoye Brouard at 1:03 pm)

1:06 p.m .: Women’s 400m freestyle heats

1:30 p.m .: Men’s 4x100m freestyle series (Florent Manadou, Maxime Grousset, Charles Rihoux, Clément Mignon, Mehdy Metella at 1:30 p.m.)


7am: Women’s 3m synchronized final


2h: Men’s street qualification (Vincent Milou, Aurélien Giraud)

5:30 am: Men’s street final (Vincent Milou, Aurélien Giraud?)


0h: First round men (Jérémy Flores at 0:40, Michel Bourez at 2:40)

3.20 am: Ladies’ first round (Johanne Defay at 5.20 am, Pauline Ado at 4.40 am)

6:40 am: Second round men

8am: Ladies second round


3h: 1/8 finals ladies -57kg

3h15: 1/8 final men -68kg

7 a.m .: Ladies quarter-final -57kg

7:15 am: Men’s quarter-final -68kg

9am: Ladies semi-finals -57kg

9:15 am: Men’s semi-finals -68kg

12h: Repechage ladies -57kg

12h15: Repechage men -68kg

1:30 p.m .: Final for the bronze women -57kg

1:45 p.m .: Men’s bronze final – 68kg

2:30 p.m .: Ladies final -57kg

2:45 p.m .: Men’s final -68kg


4h: First single round men (Gaël Monfils in 2nd rotation)

4h: First round women’s single (Caroline Garcia in 2nd rotation, Alize Cornet in 4th rotation, Fiona Ferro in 4th rotation)

4h: First round double men

4h: First round double ladies (Caroline Garcia and Kristina Mladenovic in 4th rotation)


3h: Mixed doubles quarterfinal (Emmanuel Lebesson and Jia Nan Yuan)

7am: Second single round men (Simon Gauzy, Emmanuel Lebesson)

7 a.m .: Second round women’s singles (Jianan Yuan)

1 p.m .: Mixed doubles semi-finals


2h: Qualification 10m air pistol ladies (Céline Goberville, Mathilde Lamolle)

2h: Ladies skeet qualification (Lucie Anastassiou)

2h30: Men’s skeet qualification (Emmanuel Petit and Eric Delaunay)

4:15 a.m .: 10m air pistol ladies final (Céline Goberville, Mathilde Lamolle?)

6h: Qualification 10m air rifle men

8:30 am: Men’s 10m air rifle final


2h30: 1/8 final by team women

6.45 a.m .: Quarter-final by women’s team

8:17 a.m .: Women’s team semi-final

9:15 am: Women’s team bronze final

9:40 am: Women’s team final


5:05 am: Race 1 RSX men (Thomas Goyard)

5h: Race 1 Ladies radial laser (Marie Bolou)

5h50: Race 2 RSX men

6:15 am: Race 2 Laser radial ladies

6:40 am: Race 3 RSX men

7:35 am: Race 1 Laser men (Jean-Bapstiste Bernaz)

8am: Race 1 RSX ladies (Charline Picon)

8:45 am: Race 2 Laser men

8:50 am: Race 2 RSX ladies

9:40 am: Race 3 RSX ladies


9am: Ladies group stage (Russia-Italy)

11:05 a.m .: Ladies group stage (USA-Argentina)

2:20 p.m .: Ladies group stage (Serbia-Dominican Republic)

4:25 p.m .: Ladies group stage (China-Turkey)

7.40 p.m .: Ladies group stage (Japan-Kenya)

9.45 p.m .: Ladies group stage (Brazil-Korea)


9 a.m .: Preliminary round men

9 a.m .: Ladies preliminary round

3 p.m .: Preliminary round men

3 p.m .: Ladies preliminary round

8 p.m .: Preliminary round men

8 p.m .: Ladies preliminary round

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